1. It's true I have mesothelioma in my eyes. I am now entitled to compensation. 😂

  2. If they had had the complexion cosmetics widely available like their skincare it probably would have done better. I don't blind buy foundation and concealer but I did want to try the formula. Oh well.

  3. Exactly. I spent a bunch of points on them - got the shave cream which is very meh and a hand cream for my mom

  4. The hand cream is the worst. I swear it leaves your hands drier than before, plus the smell it terrible.

  5. Highlight you can see from space. I loved it. At 35, it settles in the fine lines now but in my mid to late 20s, I was all about it.

  6. I'm not supposed to like shimmers or foils at my age because they emphasize wrinkles and texture but I don't GAF. Give me all the mirror finish eyeshadow.

  7. Opaque reds cool pinks and berries lipstick and gloss. Yes they are available still, but it seems like all that gets promoted on beauty channels is nudes.

  8. I'm getting dizzy from all the repeats. They have too many sales going on at the same time and it seems like they are all identical. Just have one big sale, ok ipsy?

  9. I think brands that have identities based entirely around copying others are extremely lame. There is zero creativity involved and it’s entirely a cash grab.

  10. Ccolors isn't a brand that entirely revolves around dupes, that's more of an Alter Ego thing.

  11. I'm dropping the regular glam bag once my annual runs out. It's too expensive for the value with all the fee hikes and BS "handling fee". I think the GBP is a better value for the price.

  12. I hate bronzer and shimmery highlighter. I just want my face to be matte and cool toned.

  13. Same here. I'm so tired of the glass skin trend as well. I mean my skin always looks like that except immediately after washing my face because it's so oily.

  14. Pat McGrath packaging is so ugly to me

  15. I hate the sequins in a bag packaging. It always makes a mess and it's so wasteful

  16. More box and shop leftovers but a bit better than the other calendar.

  17. I didn't pay for the boost and I got my box last Thursday. I think the warehouse is located near LA though so it's closer to me

  18. Ipsy, boxy, FFF, allure, aia if I like the bundle that month. I'm letting go of birchbox, Margo Elena and glossybox.

  19. You win so far on subscription amount! I'm jelly. AIA seems popular here today. Is it a top subscription box? So they let you see what's in the AIA box fully in advance before the autopay kicks in and then you can skip if you want? FFF seems very cool, do you know how you get those four items trial boxes where you only pay $5 shipping? I've asked several people about it over the last few months but no one knows. Glossybox I haven't heard of, what makes you wanna get rid of it?

  20. Aia releases their whole preview at the beginning of the month so you can see if after that you want the box or not. There's usually only two or three in a year that interests me so I don't get it every month.

  21. That company is literally engaging in gender and familial status-based discrimination which is illegal in many countries.

  22. I hate the smell and it didn't do much for my dry hair. I prefer Foxybae and Pure Brazilian, I wish FFF would get those brands.

  23. It always happens to me at the add-ons and sometimes during other sales. If they don't want people buying more than one of a thing then they should just set it up so that you can't buy more than one instead of creating this extra trouble for us to have to follow up for refunds.

  24. All the advent calendars this year suck :( Lookfantastic, SpaceNK, CultBeauty, Cohorted...

  25. My favorite calendars so far have been from Target and Trader Joe's 🤣

  26. I always love my glam bag x , this month was pretty great except I just got the gold sculpting bar in my boxycharm as well … otherwise I’m happy .

  27. Same here, I'm pretty annoyed about that. I didn't even want one sculpting bar, much less two. I wish we could complain about getting duplicates but I know they're just going to say it's separate companies so it doesn't count.

  28. especially now you can buy all his shit at tg maxx, nordstrom rack, etc

  29. If you get something at a discount store, does that mean they no longer profit off of it? NGL I don't like him or ABH as people/companies but I like some of their palettes. Not enough to give them money though.

  30. The app vs logging on via web browser are both very glitchy and lacking updates. They also have different things listed.

  31. I would have kept my base if I had known there was a cat.

  32. I have not even been given the customization option yet, much less the box. My window is supposed to be from the 22nd to the 28th.

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