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  1. Is there anything else that I should add or upgrade on my board?

  2. Neon Ballroom is my favorite Silverchair album and one of my favorite albums from any band ever. Considering the age they were when they created the music, it’s some genius stuff. I love the anger, sadness, the heavy riffs, guitar parts, vocal harmonies, lyrics, booklet artwork and overall production. I’ve listened to it so many times since it’s release and it’s still sounds awesome. There are many great memories of my life associated with those songs and I consider it a classic now.

  3. Reminds me a bit of the Smashing Pumpkins, very good!!

  4. Brandon just released new White Lighters material:

  5. For those who haven’t noticed… it’s an instrumental version of Jimmy played on the organ/hammond

  6. Eulogy, instrumentation drops out, leaving only clean Maynard vocals.

  7. Came here to say this; the drum is part is really awesome and Maynard sings:

  8. Almost all of Young Modern; I just could never get in to it. Maybe Straight Lines is a good song and Those Thieving Birds but the whole vibe, chord changes, voice style, etc. is not really my favorite. I don’t consider myself “one of those fans” who only wanted them to play heavy music and don’t get me wrong I LOVE most of their work and I can’t Believe it’s not Rock and the Dissociatives… please don’t down vote me 😆

  9. I think you should also consider Mocha, it can help you track surfaces and stick precomps to them and it can also help you to mask moving objects.

  10. My Indian colleagues recommended to ignore the Indian restaurants and go to Pakistani ones. Same food, half the price. Their favorite was

  11. I heard that someone threw a jar of mayonnaise on stage once when the Pumpkins were playing. What the Hell Mann? .....................I'll get my coat.

  12. Creeme que trato hermano, todos los días me levanto a pesar de que duermo mal y no me siento bien. Soy amable, buena persona pero hay días en los que comienzo a sentirme como una basura, algo que no sirve y en cierta forma lo es. A veces es como que la vida no para de patearte y la muy cínica lo hace riéndose

  13. Mi pana, dale tiempo al tiempo. Busca la felicidad en ti mismo. Más vale solo que mal acompañado, no asocies la soledad con algo lamentable. Tener a alguien que te quiere a tu lado es bonito pero no es la única meta. Aprende a agradecer por las cosas de las que disfrutas por más pequeñas que sean y ten fe en que todo es pasajero y si te esfuerzas para alcanzar lo que anhelas lo puedes lograr. Ánimo mano, no se me rinda aún hay mucho por delante a los 40!

  14. I confess I’ve listened to it like 6650 times… (btw, WP just turned 22 yesterday)

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