1. Ako oo, sa AB. Naglalakad ako ng 12mn kasi may activity kami sa TYK, bigla na lang may gumamit ng elevator haha

  2. I haven't tasted Ratatouille. Can you explain how does it taste like, OP?

  3. Once you've downloaded an arena from Community Creations go into the custom tab of the arena select screen. If playing in Universe mode then you have to Edit the show on calendar, and select the custom arena you would like to use for your show.

  4. Thanks! It doesn’t show in play now mode, so I guess it couldn’t be played there?

  5. In play mode you should be able to edit match by pressing "triangle" PS4/5 or "Y" Xbox, from there select arena and there is an tab that says custom arenas.

  6. I wouldn’t say this Portland guy was that bad; he drafted Clyde Drexler

  7. I would say Dennis Johnson. Elite star then turned into defensive specialist for the Cs

  8. A lot of nephews on this sub are too young the remember the OG Swedish Hammer, Jonas Jerebko

  9. I hate our country's NBA Store. They only have items from the Lakers and Nets. Fuck them

  10. trying to find a raps jersey that's not Vince Carter is impossible

  11. My Everything era, when you could hear her songs every other time on the radio. Santa Tell Me was the icing on the cake

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