1. Bread and water, prison food!

  2. They are owned by Acreage Holdings if you want to try there.

  3. Great post. Thanks for contributing.

  4. Klutch Lemon Slushee, FS Tally Mon, Grow Ohio Blueberry Vintage (have only tried Blue Vintage CO² and live resin pods, not flower), and BR Super Sour Orange are all great daytime strains!

  5. the BB Vintage flower is very indica, for me at least. I would not use it during the daytime personally.

  6. None really pack a punch- Now as far as looks and taste you will find that but personally I would rather have something that hits me hard I mean back in the day we weren't looking at terps etc.. we would smoke and be buzzed for hours I'm not sure what the problem is I have a idea ($$$) .

  7. Back in the day you hadn't been smoking weed as long as you have now. The amount of "buzz" you will get will always go down. If you have to eat edibles and vape day and night, you have extreme tolerance and the only thing that will fix that will be a break.

  8. ohio cannabis connection is $100

  9. If you haven’t tried here’s some terpinolene strains:

  10. Sour Blue Diesel, too. By BR

  11. I've been taking 5mg 3x a day for almost two years. Sometimes I think I could / should stop. I am not sure. I feel fine enough but wonder if taking a pill this long could cause problems.

  12. I wonder if this means they will be listing terps on flower in the future?

  13. THCa was prob listed at 35 on the menu. Sometimes they do that to confuse buyers I think.

  14. You're better off contacting the cultivator and the dispensary rather than asking here.

  15. i was also just sharing my experience for anybody shopping for this. do you think it is the dispensaries fault or verano’s fault?

  16. I understand. There are lots of posts here every day with people posting "Defective" products. If I bought something at best buy and it was defective, I wouldn't go to

  17. This is actually GMO'Z which is GMO X Zkittlez. I got this same pack a bit ago. It's great, more GMO than Zkittlez, Really nice terp levels.

  18. The cure times on this have gotten out of control. 6 months and then in a plastic jar? Everything I’ve had from them in the last year has been insanely dry almost no smell. That being said I got a 1/10 yesterday because this is their best one in my opinion. It’s dried out and nasty. I think I’m finally done with these guys

  19. I got a half of their Jedi Kush (Dstar x SFV OG) and it was cured for 10 months. Zero flavor, zero scent, weird buzz that I didn't like.

  20. I honestly don’t understand how they have such a following. I felt like a year ago when their stuff was making it to cleveland it was a better. Something has gone wrong with this company

  21. Their following is because of their past, like you said. Lots of people are discovering they aren't what they used to be.

  22. Yeah I keep seeing people say mids/Reggie and half of them are under 25, not sure if they actually had middies/Reggie. Whatever you get in the program it’s going to be way better than that lol

  23. yeah I think that's probably it. This generation has two words to describe weed, "gas", or "mids".

  24. This is one of my favorite names in the program. I understand why they did it, and in the process they created something that makes me laugh every damn time.

  25. OCL just calls it Death Star x SFV OG which is boring. I had a half of it and it was pretty bad imo.

  26. The bud smells like wet hay and it’s dry as dust, other than that it looks fantastic

  27. Have you even smelled this stuff? You must have some delicious wet hay in your parts.

  28. On Buckeye relief flower? I buy tons of Dosidos, Kings Mustache, Sour Blue Diesel, and they always smell great, are delicious and have a pretty good level of hydration.

  29. Woodward true trash I just tried them for the first time yesterday I got there main strain grap head I got even a big 4 gram nug it's fresh it's just crap nut sure why people like it I klutch beats them then galan then oho clean leaf then Woodward then Buckeye Relief but with the price of Woodward it really is hard to justify the price I get way more ailments taking care of from klutch all day long orange 43 all day is better then Woodward gayhead

  30. What temp are you using? I have the EQ but never use the fan.... you should be getting massive rips from this thing.

  31. How the hell did reddit approve your username?

  32. Wow terps sound low in it, can you describe the taste

  33. Low? Those are percentages, not mg. Add them all up and you are well over 2% with the top 4 terpenes. That's high.

  34. Yessir yessir they are going to lose The Senate and The House because of their horrendous policy's and putting America last. We really need 1, an America 1st president as well as 2, American first all the way down to school board directors and chairmen.

  35. I was recently choosing a new portable vape and opted for the Arizer Air Max over the crafty +. The battery is immense and the airflow is great. Flavor is delicious, and I can definitely "get baked" with it. Do you need a portable vape or is a desktop an option for you? You can get the Arizer V Tower for around $100 and that's a desktop vape that seriously rips hard.

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