1. I always give my little girl her meds (when prescribed) in a raspberry. Just squeeze it into the hole of the berry and it becomes a delicious treat for them.

  2. I recently got Gas Face and Face Mints, both indicas from Cresco, and I really enjoy them. Great flavor, lots of vapor production in all of my vapes, and good effects.

  3. it’s not that easy when you’re a chemo patient or something lol.

  4. we've seen this bullshit "Review" posted here already

  5. I posted a review of these and felt the same as this review except the love ones. I'm just curious to what is bullshit about it the review or the product.

  6. This is a copied and pasted image that was already posted here.......

  7. Hopefully not, so the employees can be with their families. Stock up on wednesday.

  8. Larry Cake is the same lineage? I'm not sure that's true. Larry Cake has measurable amounts of Terpinolene in it.

  9. Duh, someone else already said this. My bad.

  10. ahh you got this! if you have access to where she’s hiding you may be able to push a pillow or something near her to get her to move /redirect her. but of course! it’s really a great sign you saw her eating today. she’s lucky to have owners that are so on top of it! keep us posted when she starts eating <3

  11. Took her into the ER vet yesterday. They said she looks good and all of her vitals seemed alright but they gave us the option to leave her there overnight because it looks like she may have a bit of a GI stasis beginning. It was tough to leave her but we did that. It's now 6am, they will take her over to the regular vet that we take her to this morning for further testing. We miss her so much but feel like we did the right thing.

  12. We heard back. she did not eat any pellets or hay but was fed critical care overnight and this morning. She's at our regular vet now, theyre going to do tests now. We are so scared and love our little girl so much.

  13. This strain sends me to panic town, which blows because I absolutely love the taste.

  14. Afghani is a nice strain when done well. I've seen mixed reveiws about cokoh's version. I'd like to try it myself.

  15. You blocked the most important info on the labels

  16. Bananas for sure. She loves them. Also she goes absolutely nuts for a Timmy Pop. She'll grab it by the handle and do zooms around the room before eating it.

  17. Here's an idea........ next time you type up a post like this, press delete.

  18. Is this the Gamecube version?

  19. That doesn't matter, the amount is what matters. Something could be the top terps but only be .02 percent.

  20. Ya well for some reason they don’t. 🤷‍♀️ I used to think they were top but they’ve been putting out a lot of trash here lately.

  21. It's good weed, I don't know what they are hiding

  22. Yeah they can get the fuck out of here with this shit. I don't care if it's organic grown, grown in space on Mars, or grown in the future and whisked back to our current timeline, I'm not paying over 130 dollars for a half ounce of any flower.

  23. We switch from oxbow to small pet select (both orchard) but he inhaled it went crazy jumps in the center pile a snorkels in, even caught a bum twitch with the small pet select. All hay is not equal I learned

  24. Small Pet Select timothy hay has changed our little girl's outlook on hay. She absolutely loves it. No other pay will be purchased in this home. We like to open the big box and let her climb in and just go to town. She is in bunny heaven!

  25. We call them chomps / chompers. They do it when they're getting really happy / enjoying thje pets. I love when my little girl has the chomps going!

  26. I was going to buy a half oz pack but saw the terps were very low and passed. Interested in what others have to say who actually tried it.

  27. I got lucky and landed a really nice hit with Bloodhound's Finesse yesterday on my 5th attempt at the boss. Stunned her still had 90% of my stamina left, so I just went to town. I also used the Mimic Tear........so that helps too. haha

  28. Get that sword to +10, there's a dragon somber smithing stone pretty close by.

  29. Oh good call, I'd bet you're right. That's actually a really interesting cross. Lotta fruity exotics mixed in those genetics.

  30. Flavor wasn’t memorable tbh. My favs from them are Sour Papaya and Orange Kush Cake

  31. OKC is delicious and produces tons of vapor. I am a fan.

  32. The flavor was not great on the half oz I got.

  33. Have you considered a photography career?

  34. I have. If my work makes me return in person I will venture that way. Was considering comedian but feel there wouldn’t be much room with your jokes.

  35. I recommend not smoking and vaporizing instead. Buy a good vape, though.

  36. Are you a Dr? Not a single case of lung cancer ever from smoking cannabis alone use a good water pipe and change the water often best option period

  37. this is one of the dumbest things ive read on here........ smoking anything is not healthy.

  38. Every republican cop-out answer is all you need to know about that party.

  39. To each their own. May also be good for seasoned tokers such as myself but not good for fellers like you. What’s some of the stronger flower in the program, in your opinion?

  40. I got a tip from someone about Ascension's Blue Boi. Now THAT's a strain.

  41. It really does have a taste similar to orange oil or like a fresh orange tree! And it really does have creamy notes to it! Try it out yourself man!

  42. I 100% agree, this strain is creamy orange. If your tastebuds don't work, that's your own problem. haha.

  43. Exactly! Lol everytime I post a strain, I got someone in the comments who's never had it, saying, "Oh it can't possibly taste like that" 😂😂

  44. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a lot of those people smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, subsequently destroying their ability to taste

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