My kids haven’t cleaned their bathroom like they were supposed to. I decided to leave a note under a rag they left on the floor. Let’s see if they find it. It’s been a week already.

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  1. Are they upset Because they had a scheduled trip to Moscow?

  2. They don't need to schedule trips to Moscow. They've rarely bothered in the past.

  3. The entirety of the identity that they have chosen makes the very concept of learning anathema to them.

  4. I find your punctilious articulation and sesquipedalian vocabulary endearing.

  5. A foolproof test for a principled person is using them against them. A principle, literally by definition, is a value that doesn’t change based on circumstance. This means they can trip people up, or at least prompt them to explain themselves. If they do neither, they never had principles in the first place.

  6. I did not say that and I’d appreciate you discuss the topic at hand and not just try to insult my opinion. Neither you nor I have any idea what happened here or where the gun came from. We only know that who ever shot her broke the law before even firing a shot. Laws in place to help prevent incidence like this are already in place. You blamed the incident on a constitutionally protected right, I’m trying to keep the blame on the perpetrator.

  7. I think you should reread your contributions on this post.

  8. Meanwhile, a ton of Republicans are just going to see that Biden got searched. Again. He must be doing something wrong.

  9. That’s not the right Colombia… I hope that’s the real facepalm.

  10. Per usual, the facepalm is OP not recognizing a joke.

  11. Or, hear me out, it's a very obvious joke from the moment it was originally made.

  12. So you’re saying you don’t understand the law. Ok. Thanks for playing.

  13. Also The Shadow. My grandpa was such a big fan that I was… no one knows about the Shadow these days.

  14. The Grey Ghost episode of Batman the Animated Series is a love letter from Batman creators to The Shadow.

  15. This has been my experience. People who scream "ß[email protected] s1d3z" tend to have difficulty with nuance and aligning their perception with objective reality. Both strong predictors of a conservative mind.

  16. Exceptions to a rule don't invalidate the rule.

  17. I thought about that too, but not sure.

  18. Worse than gunning a man down in his home? Or kneeling on a man's neck until he dies? Or choking a man to death because of a cigarette?

  19. Id counter that the military has a culture of you taking a structured curiculum and creating a class on it. If you arent picturing half the week being building, giving, and attending training, you have the wrong picture of what forces are doing outside of a war zone.

  20. Training and teaching are different things. This should be readily apparent.

  21. Weird that basic training is an acreddited course. Thats the difference, in a structured setting you can accredit the same class.

  22. Now if I’m a republican I’m also a coward? Good thing I don’t claim to be a republican lmao

  23. You're a coward because you won't admit to your actual position. Hiding from responsibility and accountability makes you a coward.

  24. So I’m a coward because our whole government is full of nothing but pieces of shit that don’t give a fuck about me or you? Half of them are pedophiles etc. But yeah, me, the guy that doesn’t do politics, is the coward💀💀mkay bud! Please let me know when the government actually cares about us and america becomes a great country! I’ll be waiting.

  25. Holy shit! Do you have those goalposts hooked up to a truck or something? You're moving them so fast!

  26. The Punic Wars predate the CIA. Must have been the OSS.

  27. It's easy to look up, but why make people look it up to begin with? It's an extra step for no reason.

  28. Limitations of your vocabulary are limitations of your mind. Why not learn new things and increase the capability of your brain?

  29. Well, it'll be hard to take them seriously after they induct a rodent.

  30. My dad will go on about how Republicans freed the slaves and that democrats are the real racists and not skip about talking about how great his southern heritage is and it’s “heritage not hate”.

  31. Common retort being "Your heritage is hate, treason, and abject failure."

  32. Interesting this was introduced after they lost house majority…..

  33. As several commenters have noted, Adam Schiff has introduced this bill every year for the past 10 years.

  34. Adam Schiff has introduced this bill every year for the past 10 years. Every year it gets ignored.

  35. Ehhh I won’t fault republicans for getting down…I will however fault them for literally every other thing they do.

  36. You damn sure can fault the hypocrites. They stand in the way of reasonable drug reform while enjoying the free nose candy provided by lobbyists.

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