1. hot says:

    I hope they bring back at least 2 so they have fren

  2. hot says:

    it is a tweet. Here is the link to the

  3. No discernible meaning—wut? The “Lorem ipsum” text is from the speeches of Cicero. There are whole websites explaining this. The column “The Straight Dope” also explained it.

  4. hot says:

    Translating it superficially, at

  5. It is astounding how many people don't know what Loren ipsum means. I'll be talking about something and saying yeah, we should just place a lorem ipsum here for the moment just to fill the space and people are like wtf. Most people are fine with PLACEHOLDER PLACEHOLDER PLACEHOLDER repeating 150 times

  6. hot says:

    wait so what are they fine with repeating 150 times? /s

  7. hot says:

    without a doubt, he is one of the directors of all time

  8. hot says:

    i saw them in this

  9. i don’t get it but i so feel a very visceral, intense discomfort at this image

  10. hot says:

    if you count the teeth. Also, the conjoined flesh between the girls on the right.

  11. hot says:

    so the title reinforces the political aspect of this tweet.

  12. hot says:

    rare Reddit ratio

  13. hot says:

    no, let's idiot twice tomorrow

  14. Imagine getting so upset that someone said something negative about your favorite social media that you feel compelled to defend it.

  15. hot says:

    I like reading people's comments about this either way

  16. hot says:

    That alternating caps are a requirement / rule of this subreddit. Even though it is real it's also a little surreal.

  17. hot says:

    (sorry deleted reposted for rule 5.

  18. what does telling someone they're intimidating achieve?

  19. hot says:

    it might be like an attempt at sounding humbled and respectful masked as a hopefully unintentional insult

  20. Is this applicable when you like someone then see who they like and realize that it's gross?

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