1. Looking good 👍 where did you get the portretter face btw?

  2. you take a portrait and then use the photo app to cover it in black with the marker tool. it stays a portrait and then can be used on the face.

  3. water lock doesn't increase the water resistance of the watch. it keeps water from tapping the screen and emits sounds to eject water from the grooves after you rinse it.

  4. think yoga vs meditation. both are mindfulness activities but one is more active than the other.

  5. that's the thing about water resistance. it'll be fine and then one day it won't. I would stick to Apple's advice to rinse it off.

  6. I used to have a palm and before that a newton. like with those you kinda have to learn how to trick it into knowing what you want to write. for 9 I learned that this mark usually gets me the number. may take some trial and error with your own handwriting.

  7. connect the airpods to the watch and use the watch as a remote control for the music.

  8. series 3 won't do what you're looking for, and no watch can be used as a hotspot.

  9. had this a couple of times and went away after manually starting a timer

  10. Is the product red kinda flashy in your opinion? I wanted something more lowkey

  11. have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?

  12. because my heart rate didn't go from 80 to over 200 and then back to 80 in five seconds

  13. How did you get your watch face like this? Is this a default one that you can choose from?

  14. it's the modular face, but don't get too attached to it if you switch to it. in the next watch os, legacy modular and infograph modular are merging into one face that will essentially be infograph modular with enhanced customization options.

  15. the watch calibrates from outdoor walks in flat areas with good GPS coverage. dismissing the workout, if it has any effect on calibration, would more likely throw off the calibration than preserve it.

  16. under focus settings on the phone, tap the + in the top right to add a *fitness focus


  18. if you have a series 4 or newer with cellular, you can get a family member with an iPhone to set it up for you, but the usage is limited.

  19. yes alerts go to the active device. phone's open, notifications go there. phone locked, they go to the watch.

  20. no need to turn it off to save battery. if you're not using it, throw it on the charger. optimized charging will keep the battery life healthy.

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