1. The man took the (deserved) hate for the Reagor pick personally and has been unbelievable since.

  2. Completely agree. Time for our fanbase to turn the page on his blunders and respect the man. Dude is on fire

  3. AJ Brown side for me pretty easily here. Just might have to wait until a year from now to truly reap the benefits with that ‘23 1st

  4. I bought Penny last night because owner thinks he’ll be replaced. He actually got more $ than MG just got, they have bigger holes to fill, and Carson sounds more and more likely to not play.

  5. I gotcha, just think he's gonna be elite for a long time and if/when he gets an average qb he will gain value.

  6. No offense because I agree with your age take but how loose is your idea of elite if you have Terry as an elite WR?

  7. I’m happy to take a whack at it. What’s your budget?

  8. Honestly not sure what the cost of something like this usually is but I’m definitely willing to pay for a great one!

  9. I have a feeling you’d get better assistance in a sub about graphic design.

  10. Honestly, sounds like the only thing left to do is trade your 1.07 to the Cowboys for their 24 1st. Seems like it will round out your plan so you don’t have to draft too many rookies this year with the class being less than stellar.

  11. Love this post (and your flair). I have been accumulating 23 firsts (only 5) but am super excited about that class. Where do you think they rank in tiers compared to the 22 class? My understanding is Boutte and JSN would be WR1, but it isn't as deep? Curious where you think the Sean Tuckers and Addison's of the world fall within the 22 class prospects. Obviously it is early but would love to hear your thoughts, appreciate the post and keep having FUN!

  12. Haha thanks man! I was curious is anyone would actually understand the flair haha

  13. Because I like when she finishes before me.

  14. I don't think it's genetics. More like self-control. I focus on her and give her an orgasm then I go in and get mine while she rides that wave of euphoria. Works out for the both of us.

  15. Do we think 1.08 & 1.12 for DK is fair in a 1QB 12 team league? Not sure how to feel about it

  16. It read like rosterbating that you were trying to disguise as not rosterbating. Brutally honest.

  17. Damn. Well that’s unfortunate. I guess it doesn’t matter now, but the was 0 intent of that. As I said in the post and elsewhere, it was solely with intentions of sharing an experience with the community that was obviously viewed as an outlier. That’s unfortunate but is what it is, just feels silly to me given the fact that many obviously did enjoy it. Can’t please everyone and guess it didn’t please the right people.

  18. I'm not arguing with your intent and again, I enjoyed the read. I'm just saying it maybe came off differently than you meant it to some. As you pointed out, it came off differently than you meant it to the only people that matter, unfortunately.

  19. Yeah not a problem man. And really no worries, not gonna lose sleep over Reddit. I was just genuinely wondering why or how it got removed given the fact that it was a post with a lot of traction and discussion. Like a post that is driven to the ground in downvotes I would get. But over 50 comments and upvotes in the post itself obviously shows that at least a part of the community enjoyed it lol. It’s all good

  20. Had a very similar offseason last year. Wasn't the top contender, more like solid playoff bet but decide to gut it with 2023 in mind. My league way overvalues picks so getting them is even more difficult, although it is a very active league. 10 Team 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 FX, deep bench.

  21. Ah man this is awesome. That’s a great looking set up my friend. Those 2nd’s will be awesome as well!

  22. 2nds are basically valued like 1s in this league. Value can even be extracted out of 4ths in this league. I will most likely deal some percentage of these picks but will still take my shots on my favorite prospects.

  23. Braelon Allen might be my RB1 honestly. What he did in the big 10 at 17 years old is impressive. Dude is a freak in the weight room too and only gonna get faster and more explosive imo. Treveyon is a stud as well but I think BA has an incredible ceiling. Will Shipley looked solid to me as well. Donovan Edwards, Armani Goodwin, Corey Kiner, Trey Sanders, Jarquez Hunter, Montrell Johnson, LJ Johnson names to monitor.

  24. Awesome in depth write up man, thank you for sharing this for guys like me who are not as locked in!

  25. Loaded class. Braelon Allen is the prize in this class. Bowers too. Henderson is solid. I see 5-7 elite prospects here too just like 23’

  26. I would still take Burks without question. WR is the one position where the order of players drafted doesn't matter. I care a lot more about landing spots (is there a path to alpha target hog status?) and alpha traits than the order of WRs drafted.

  27. I think it's a bit too early right now. I'll probably post one after the combine. I posted one last year post-draft

  28. 22 has more rb depth...oh mama if u did a 1 year remind me I have a very, very strong feeling you'd feel silly saying that..

  29. int7 says:

    I know we should go all defense for the first round but I don’t know why I see a lot of potential in Drake London for receiver. Big guy that can catch 50/50 balls and get wide open, while getting yards after catch. I wouldn’t mind picking him at all.

  30. His play style is scary similar to Mike Evans. I’d love him next to Smitty!

  31. Guys, how much are you bodies already paying for all that you’ve been through during your careers?

  32. I honestly think Breece Hall is in his own tier as far as RBs go in this class. Seems like just because he isn’t a generational RB and because he’s boring to many since he’s been on our radar for a long time he is being faded. And people want this class to be the same 3 RB situation we had in ‘19. Breece Hall isn’t elite but he can be great imo

  33. Is he the clear 1.1 or could a wr jump like Burks?

  34. Really hard to tell at this time with combine and NFL draft ahead of us but if I had to guess I would say one of the RBs will be 1.01 in more leagues than not because position scarcity always pushes RBs to the front of the rookie drafts. Which Breece is my RB1 so yes I think Breece will be 1.01 in most leagues. I’m a huge fan of Burks so I don’t think you can go wrong.

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