1. Rumor is a cop got hit while pulling someone over for a traffic violation?

  2. 66 set at 66. Feeling good about getting the insulation in the attic redone. Columbia gas has/had a rebate program. You go on their website and sign up. It’s $50 and someone comes to your house for an inspection. They gave us $900 in rebates to get the attic and soffits upgraded. And they give you a list of approved contractors. We got 1300$ worth of insulation put in for $400 cost to us. Made a huge difference in this old house.

  3. Thermostat says 68, but not sure I believe it. The heat pump be struggling.

  4. Maybe I can get a cheaper battery of similar dimensions and CCA. ?

  5. Corpus Christi, and Brownsville are near beach and low cost of living.

  6. Yup exact same mind set here, they can take what I offer or get nothing.

  7. I use Vanced and Indian YouTube premium. Vanced has a few extra features i enjoy like skip self promo. Skip intro, and touch to new timestamp instead of drag to new time stamp.

  8. I heard you might have to call your bank and let them know, or borrow a card from a friend. And make sure to use Microsoft edge browser. Others don't seem to work.

  9. How is House of Three Gorges? Been meaning to go! What do you recommend?

  10. I recommend the kaoyu in the photo. It's only $27 and feeds 2 people. But it's very authentic. I haven't tried anything else there

  11. That's the one! I just ordered it. They said it needs 35 minutes. Pics to come!

  12. You don’t even need to transfer a title, just register it. As long as you valid insurance I believe you have 30 days to register.

  13. Is registering different than transfer of title?

  14. The one near the tennis courts? What time? Do they play on the full size goals?

  15. https://www.google.ca/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwje0Zm0v5rvAhWw4cAKHR1QBDoYABAFGgJpbQ&ae=2&sig=AOD64_1Q4yoTlHPuC_-9sF8c3yoJhjFCmg&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwi61pG0v5rvAhXCXc0KHXJyApUQwg96BAgBEB0&dct=1&adurl=

  16. It's less. While facial expressions are very important, because they can completely change the meaning of a sentence or word, signs have five elements: handshape, movement, palm orientation, location, and facial expression. You would not be able to portray a sign properly with just facial expression, but I would not call it 75%.

  17. There's no such thing as an ASL translator.

  18. Thanks Doctor. But my friend from college when for me. He a real one. Handle of Svedka to get me through da' rona

  19. I just tried. It seems they don't deliver spirits.

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