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  1. Not even there. Most elementary/secondary schools spend thousands per student and get poor results. The issue is not how much is spent, it is how it is spent.

  2. Teachers are not paid well compared to the peers with the same level of education within the U.S. This is particularly true in certain states.

  3. If we could get the teacher pensions funded and healthcare costs under control, school districts could give massive raises. That’s where so much of the budget is going.

  4. I’m so glad she got to testify, but also I clearly missed something. I thought they weren’t going to let the other rapes be considered?

  5. Sometimes I feel like people with PhDs are not even that respected? Like I feel sad sometimes thinking.. imagine studying to make perfect grades and working so many hours unpaid to get research experience to even get accepted to grad school. Then, going to 5+ more years of school and countless more unpaid hours while your friends are working their way up to higher incomes through raises. Then you finally graduate and only like 5 people read your papers

  6. Yeah, not every Ph.D. student does anything groundbreaking. Like recently I was trying to implement a paper that was just flat-out wrong. The numbers didn't add up and even after following their exact steps, the results weren't replicable.

  7. Oh I know.. and for some reason nothing triggers existential crisis in me like useless/obviously wrong research does.

  8. Thanks for relying! Do people still swim or just avoid swimming in these areas?

  9. If they are of this type, there is nothing to worry about

  10. I’m legitimately curious why all these responses are coming off so rude.. is this a cultural thing? To respond to lack of experience/ knowledge this way?

  11. Well generally Icelandic people are more matter of fact/direct than people in the anglosphere which might be perceived as rude. I, for example, do not really see much hostility in this thread. As for the lack of knowlede, OP seems to aware of the laws and they are what they are so how should one respond apart from: sorry mate, I am afraid you simply shouldn't drink at all before you drive?

  12. Well I do think that would be a lovely response haha. Hard to see why someone would need to add “what’s so hard about that?” Or “really it’s pretty simple” or anything like that.

  13. I posted in this sub for the first time the other day people CAME FOR ME because they didn’t interpret the post the same way I did (although others agreed with me). Some people apparently need the girls in the post to explicitly put down other girls when usually it’s more veiled than that. Just because she doesn’t explicitly say stuff like that here, it’s definitely nlog just based on everything you said above

  14. So I have to admit, I do comment on a lot of posts that I think don’t fit (I haven’t seen yours so that’s not what I mean). I do it because I feel like I see so many posts that are just simply not putting down other women and it seems like we’re putting down the OP woman by just basically making fun of her for literally saying anything about herself… and that ends up feeling misogynistic to me.

  15. Thank you! I was beginning to getting worried about the people on this sub.

  16. I’m getting worried about them currently..

  17. Its really cute! My only concern would be whether or not all the little details would be overwhelming on me. I would try it on with that in mind.

  18. Yeah, I wouldn’t do it, basically for the reasons you stated. In fact, if you go to SafeTravel.is right now, the first thing you’ll see is an alert about hazardous storm conditions in the central highlands. Is that the website where you submitted your question?

  19. Thanks for your response and insight! Yes that is where i submitted my question.

  20. I think you sound pretty self aware because you note you know what negative behaviors you do and where they come from. Do you show this kind of self awareness around him? Im just wondering for context.

  21. I like the idea of starting to use the word “open” just as most people say soft rather than “flesh”.

  22. This is true, for a lot of the kids like that. I remember eat the rich stickers on kids cars that were bought for them by there parents

  23. I always assume "eat the rich" means like billionaires rich rather than every day rich. Like trust funds rich rather than college paid for/parents bought them a car. It annoys me when someone who makes 100k a year gets riled up about taxing the rich bc they think it’s them who ppl are talking about.

  24. It seemed like all of the characters who were located in Hawkins s4 had creel house. The cali gang had cali themed poster. The Russia gang had Russia themed poster. She was in Hawkins so she had creel poster?

  25. Yeah he did? His is California

  26. The real life experience of friends/family who are super obsessed with their SO that they neglect the other people in their life is probably triggering to people. It’s an annoying trait, but most people grow out of it. Mike is a kid; he will grow out of it. His bratty attitude is annoying. It’s understandable and realistic, but it’s still annoying.

  27. Jason showed more concern for Max in 20 seconds than Billy did in the years he knew her.

  28. I agree. Based on what Jason saw, his conclusions, while fueled by prejudice, are not that unreasonable. Eddie was being pretty weird at him in the cafeteria.. he reads propaganda (the prejudice I referred to). Then, suddenly his girlfriend dies at Eddie’s house and his best friend dies in Eddie’s presence. He doesn’t have any information about the other supernatural events in Hawkins, so based on what he’s seen he makes some leaps in logic (our protagonists do this a lot too. They just happen to be right about their leaps). He, a teenager, decides to takes matter into his own hands because the adults in this show are useless (also like our protagonists).

  29. Hahaha the architectural design is so random. Like is that a stereotypical girl thing?

  30. I think the issue is that no one understands your point. You seem randomly attached to adult/kid as legal terms. They’re usually used more flexibly.. different countries use adult legally at different ages as well.

  31. @ her caption lol does she thinking writing "it's not a flex" actually makes us believe it?

  32. The “Forget the glass slippers” can be seen as putting down Cinderella depending on how you view it. I could be wrong tho idk.

  33. Yeah I do see what you mean! I just feel like it seems good natured rather than mean spirited.

  34. This is not NLOG is it? How is it putting girls down?

  35. In the books, each page just has one word “November”, “December”…. For months..

  36. He is not all you have! You have you.

  37. I don’t think you are in the natural family because you are better suited by the white shirt in the first slide/the black dress than the outfits that look more naturalist to me.

  38. I don’t know about your type but I just want to say that the black dress with flowers looks really good on you!!

  39. I was just about to comment this same thing

  40. I’m not sure why anyone would try to type Billie. I feel like I have no idea what her body looks like because there are so few pictures of her in anything but massively oversized crazy clothes.. but maybe

  41. Read Metamorphosis again. Upper right side of page 47.

  42. Yeah I actually remember being surprised when I read that line haha

  43. You don’t look fat in any of these.. they’re all really cute on you. I think the white turtle neck and the pink small dress aren’t great on you. Other than that, they’re all really cute. Mostly The short styles are better than pants I think but not by a lot

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