1. They also make powdered Sqwincher! It’s much much cheaper than liquid IV and similar oral rehydration powders. I add salt to mine too.

  2. Yeah, I was always told to only drink one tubes of the powder a day. I'll usual split it into two water bottles though.

  3. Not As Grimm gets random updates. Been super sporadic for well over a year, but they keep trickling out.

  4. Isn't the namor specific lead separate from the general? Otherwise yeah, wave would still be even with Titania's new uni at the very least

  5. Afaik that type of lead is additive.

  6. Apparently bell peppers are really great for them, carrots too.

  7. My dog things me chopping carrots is the best thing ever, because I just throw the tops into the floor.

  8. She likely didn't know they were both yours.

  9. They're typical for a Bobmin story. If you've read one, you sort of know what to expect trope-wise.

  10. There's a really funny bit in Sunset, though:

  11. He had a great sense in humour :)

  12. The Sons of Atlantis (or Avalon, or pick a mythical place).

  13. Allegedly , trialed as a group without any due process before the Council of Magical Law presided by Crouch . There is not conclusive proof who done what and I find very curious that Neville wasn’t tortured (as it would have been far more effective as a method to force information from Frank and Alice). I would not be surprised if in fine it was Bellatrix who crossed the line with the cruciatus.

  14. We only see the verdict and sentencing in the pensieve, and they literally said that the evidence had been presented at an earlier point. Are you really trying to say he was framed?

  15. Well, as it is fanfiction, I think they're trying to say that the narrative supports this as a somewhat plausible AU plot point that you could fudge as not necessarily excluded by canon if you're creative and well-written enough.

  16. Oh, for sure it could be an AU premise. But from what I've seen, dude really does think Rastaban could be innocent. And isn't that special?

  17. So, I originally thought it would be the

  18. Correction! There's one mvp sex dungeon and that's the room of requirement. It just looks like 15 sex dungeons depending on the fic author's kinks ;)

  19. On the other hand, it's suspected that the 'not suffer a witch to live' bit in the bible is a bad translation.

  20. Right. I have good news and bad news.

  21. Wow that’s cool. I hadn’t heard of the wayback machine.

  22. No problem, glad you could find it! The download links work for only about a month after AO3 removes a story, if you remove the wayback machine bit of the link - otherwise, it's gone.

  23. "You're going to get carpal tunnel on your dominant hand within a year. Don't buy all those aluminum hooks, even if you prefer them over the 'soft' ones."

  24. I use way too much prefrozen food.

  25. Why not take the ferry then? The one from Walpole to Algonac still runs.

  26. A throwaway line that talks about the two wetsuits Harry finds in Salazar's closet in the chamber of secrets.

  27. I thought the Greengrass family were half-bloods? Draco married Astoria Greengrass who was definitely a half-blood.

  28. If you want to go by the books, Astoria Greengrass doesn't even have a name - she's only referred to as Draco's wife.

  29. You make it sound as if Snape went "fuck those Gryffindors, I'm joining the murder cult, so there!", obviously that's not what happened.

  30. Here's the thing. We know fuck all about James et all as students outside of memories that Snape was trying to hide from Harry, and one two minute story about James told by Sirius about how he ruffled his hair and played with a snitch.

  31. There's also the bit in the very first author note where the author insults reviewers and then manages to spell GBP as GPS.

  32. That would require actually getting to the first chapter. :)

  33. Fair. I skimmed up to maybe the first six paragraphs, rolled my eyes then closed the tab after learning that the dark families were lovely and the Potters awful. So yeah.

  34. Presumably the charities in the wizarding world is run by pepole like Malfoy who uses them to wash his image.

  35. Aren't charity bequests by the super rich mostly done for tax reasons anyway?

  36. Yeah, it's ludicrous to give away major fortunes to people other than Harry.

  37. I'm always expecting to see charities listed in the bequests too when they're filthy rich, and... nope. Never. I'm always disappointed.

  38. And the Unethical Binding Contract by justafandomfollower

  39. Not acting, but he's involved with Microsoft (or Adobe?) in

  40. It used to be an instant 'close the tab' for me until I read some of the best and most beautiful fics written in first person that changed my mind to giving it a chance.

  41. I can recommend one second person fic:

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