1. I suspect that's unlikely, unless FFF incorrectly stated the size and you selected them based on that misinformation. Otherwise you may want to consider gifting them to a friend or family member they may be better suited to.

  2. My reactive dog is on a joint supplement (Dasuquin, which contains the ingredients you've noted) and has had no issues. Is your concern for a possible interaction with existing meds? Or just potential side effects? If it's the first, joint supplements typically are not contraindicated for most medications, but that would be a question for your vet. If it's the second, joint supplements are fairly innocuous outside of helping with joint health. It is unlikely that you would see any problems. If your pup is experiencing pain or discomfort due to joint issues, then you might see some improvement in reactivity over time due to reduced pain/discomfort, but other than that, it would be unlikely that you would see any impact specifically related to reactivity.

  3. I would recommend that you read up on "littermate syndrome" and how best to counteract that (or even better, find a trainer who has experience there). I don't know that the behaviors you are seeing are the result of littermate syndrome, but I suspect it is at least playing a role.

  4. My reactive pup stays with a trainer who specializes in behavioral issues. It's basically behavioral boarding in his home. He takes only one dog at a time. He had me complete an extensive questionnaire and then I provided a lot of information on top of that, so he understood what the likely triggers were, how we handle them, etc. He has a fenced yard that provides the option to skip walks entirely if the there are too many triggers in the neighborhood.

  5. Think about the things you can source elsewhere for cheaper. For example,

  6. I personally didn't like the Malin + Goetz lip balm - I found it thick and sticky, which is something I can't handle. I had heard good things about it though, but it turned out to not be for me.

  7. Wait what?!? No more picking the samples? Oh, that's a bummer.

  8. I had seen something about this recently, nice to see it official. :)

  9. I started subscribing monthly when the box was $15/month. I loved it back then. Definitely some of the items were not for me, but I still felt like I was getting a great box for the price point. When they raised the price to $23/month, I decided to take the offer to lock in at the old price as an annual subscriber, where I think it came out to be about $14/box. I figured if I loved it at $15, I would love it at $14. Except that ended up not being the case for me. I really felt like the box began to go downhill in terms of quality and types of products when they raised the price, and by the end of it I could not wait to just be done with my annual sub. I skipped so many times that it took about a year and a half to finish out my subscription.

  10. Personally, I did not like the KS Goat Milk Cleanser, which I assumed I would bc I like her goat milk moisturizer. BUT, I've seen a lot of people comment on how they liked it, so I think I'm in the minority. It's been a while since I've used it, but if I'm remembering correctly, my issue with it is that I felt like it left a residue on my face (but honestly I may not be remembering correctly - I'm good at remembering if I like something or not, not so much why).

  11. Does anyone know what is in the bed and bath kit? I just don’t have any experience with this brand. Thanks.

  12. Based on the math, I'm quite confident it's the kit that is being offered individually in the sale and contains these:

  13. Kudos to you, it sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and are on the right path!

  14. When you order directly from Nespresso, you can choose a free sampler of 2 pods at checkout. Of course, you are limited to what they are offering, and it's 2 pods, and you have to purchase something to get them... but it's something...

  15. It absolutely can get better. You were 100% right to not use the shock collar - aversive methods are not a good idea generally (less effective and inhumane, see this

  16. I'm afraid you can only choose extra choices for the categories you are able to customize. They won't even show you customization categories 5 and 6.

  17. I was getting the suspicion today that it was a rouge thing, but I know some rouges don’t receive the email.

  18. I'm the same - I only started getting the emails once I hit rouge, so I had presumed rouge got access (by way of the email) before others, but it seems that VIBs and BIs get the emails too. What's weird is that the "from" on those emails displays for me as "Sephora Rouge." Another reason I had presumed the emails went only to rouge members.

  19. FFF is offering some themed boxes in the add-ons sale. If it happens that one of them covers all your extras, and the remaining items would be something you’d want to gift, that might be an option to consider. It’s full price, but you’d know exactly what you’d be getting in all 6 categories and not have to risk something you don’t want in Cat 6 (which would be the case w a seasonal box) or get a second annual sub.

  20. Every dog is different, but my pup started meds in October and they have completely transformed his life for the better (and by extension, my life too). I refer to him as the poster child for behavioral meds lol.

  21. I found the Malin & Goetz lip balm to be thick and sticky, which is a big no for me personally. I also found the Korres body wash to be quite meh - if you’ve used it and love it, great, but if not, IMHO there’s better options out there at that price point.

  22. I am so very sorry this happened to you. You are right, there is no fault to be put on you or on your dogs. I feel as though even an unreactive dog would defend itself in a situation like yours, where an unfamiliar dog charged it snapping - which did happen a couple of years ago with my dog- friendly dog, when a neighbor’s little fluffy darted out the door and charged her, at which point she (65 lb dog) proceeded to pin the little down.

  23. I’m still trying to figure out what the golf ball thingy is. A little diffuser? A mini crystal ball to see my mini future? So confused lol.

  24. Why am I not getting these emails and how do I register? I’m Rouge and never see this stuff anywhere.

  25. Are you in Canada? I’ve heard that (unfortunately) they don’t send the emails to BIs in Canada. Otherwise check your account settings and make sure you are signed up for all marketing emails.

  26. Nope, I’m in the US. I’ve checked my account and I’m signed up for every thing but not getting anything!

  27. Yes, I’m aware of the 3/3/3 rule. That’s why I’m not stressing too much about this, especially since when she does resource guard, it’s for things that can be done in a quiet area where she’s undisturbed and then it won’t be an issue. My husband seems to be wholly unconcerned about any of the growling at all so I’m trying to take after him.

  28. One of the challenging things about internet communications is the inability to read non-verbal cues and context, etc., particularly when words can be interpreted in different ways, so please forgive me if what I'm about to say you already know, and/or if I'm misunderstanding, but...

  29. I appreciate your statements. You're right in your assessment. When I said unconcerned about growling, I meant that he doesn't see it as an issue that needs to be addressed just yet. I told him about her resource guarding this morning and he made a "ooohhh" noise but didn't say anything else. He's worked with dogs as part of his sheriff department's K9 unit so that's why I'm deferring to him here.

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