1. For reference, that is how it was listed on this SXM channel playlist generator I found. My mistake that it IS the Abbey Road Medley

  2. My monitors switch every time. Wow. This is an annoying bug. Hope a macOS upgrade fixes this

  3. This STILL happens! I cannot figure out why it is happening. I had to use a screen saver just so the monitors didnt shut down. Part of me may get new monitors, but I honestly am too lazy.

  4. It's 538 am EST and T-Mobile is claiming that they are out of the Shell deal?!

  5. It will be available Opening Week so probably next Tuesday.

  6. Ok so I hope I can explain this in a way that makes sense, but basically when you are connected to the VPN your computer can no longer tell that it’s on you local home LAN. That’s what a VPN does is basically secure the connection down to as if the machine was physically connected to a port in your office for example. That being said sidecar and universal control both use WiFi to work and they look for devices on the same network they are on. Your Mac on the VPN will think it’s on your work network so therefore not be able to identify your iPad or whatnot for universal control. I hope this makes sense I can have a habit of talking in a circle sometimes.

  7. Totally makes sense! So I put the iPad and MacBook Pro on the same VPN as my Mac Mini, but Universal Control still didn't work. My guess is each one has a unique "address' to it and therefore cannot work together.

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