Unofficial Game Thread for the Dodgers V Padres games currently being played

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  1. Bogdonavic is out and I didn't see him on the injury report. I'm down by 2 freaking points and Jordan Clarkson is my only hope. Looks like my L can be first class shipped to me already

  2. Injury report is killer in fantasy basketball. Sorry to hear.

  3. This is why you don’t make your fantasy season go until the last week of regular season

  4. We brought this up to LM. He's shortening it next season. I didn't check beforehand, personally.

  5. Lotto ticket player help. Simmons/George/Murray. I have two IR spots open and almost no injuries. Playoffs round 1 start Monday. Who is most likely to return the soonest? Who would you drop? Murray and George have, at least, practiced. I'm definitely leaning Simmons.

  6. Reminds me that I didn't beat the final boss in Fallen Order on hard because I was frustrated, and I just really wanted to finish the game. Which also reminds me I never finished Resistance 3.

  7. He'll have an opportunity this coming year to showcase himself with Woods tearing his ACL and OBJ not under contract/ACL tear. Leaves him, Jefferson, and Skowronek to compete behind Kupp.

  8. LA vs SF has been delivering some exciting sports TV over the past several months. First the play-in, then the NLDS, and now, week 18 football.

  9. I didn't think Stafford was worth Goff and the draft capital.

  10. 2011-2014. Boy, did I hate St. Louis lmao. Watching Kershaw was special, though.

  11. There was a Bellinger jersey at Frank and Son's for $115. I didn't buy it. Had his number and everything. Definitely regretting it.

  12. Dodger fans actually crowdfunded the payment to the umps for this massive strike zone.

  13. 40 year old Albert Pujols was our best hitter lol. This whole lineup has that 2018 explode/eat shit approach.

  14. I like B more. You keep your stud TE, and your WR situation is good enough to bypass DK.

  15. Not worth imo. I'm sorta biased because I'm a Rams fan, but I fully expect Woods to come around soon.

  16. I made 85 cents gambling last week. I feel lucky.

  17. I turned this off 3-1 Dodgers to take a shower cause I thought that was it lol.

  18. Challenge himself and get injured. At his current weight, he's not built to bang with centers for an 82 game season. He's gonna have to put on 20 more pounds which he has the frame for but he'll lose a little bit of mobility.

  19. I mean it says "more". It's not gonna be a permanent thing, but he'll def see more minutes at the 5. The Lakers still have Gasol on the roster and will bring in a center, presumably.

  20. The Ramsey one was a head- scratcher at the time because the Rams' O-Line was bad the year they traded for Ramsey. It looks good now, though. I was a bit skeptical of Stafford, but I drank the Kool-Aid pretty quicky and am excited for the trade.

  21. The Rams have been making decent, quality picks despite only one first since 2016.

  22. Probably gonna have to package kuzma with the FRP if they wanna unload him.

  23. Kuzma has an economically advantageous contract, so unloading him from an financial standpoint isn’t gonna be tough. It’s what you’re trying to obtain with him in the package that’s gonna be tough.

  24. Id love if they could just dump his contract alone for cap room tbh.

  25. The Hawks cause I had Trae Young and Clint Capela in fantasy b-ball last year

  26. I find I have high damage games using the m13. I break a lot of armour but it doesn’t seem to have that take down power as easily

  27. Did they see Davis go the locker room and decide to give up or something?

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