1. Just bought my first Luster yesterday after using 510 carts the last year. Wow what a difference. Very smooth and it hits much quicker. I am never going back to 510 carts.

  2. Yes absolutely the company's I've got that I have no issues with is BE, Klutch, And recently I've had POW. Hells on Wheels to be exact. I haven't tried Firelands yet but I'm very intrigued by the Tally Mon. Other then that I've stuck to those as far as lusters go. Enjoy!! 🚀

  3. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff by them recently. First I picked up the Chocolate covered strawberries cart which is 12/10. By far the best cart I’ve ever had. Banana Phone was also very tasty. This week I picked up the Glowstick Luster Pod and Raindow Punch. All of them taste great and get me cooked

  4. I got the GG4 few months back and it wasn't too bad at all. I mean it's not your Klutch or BE but for the price you can't beat it. Just curious I seen some new strains at Bloom Painsville with good prices on the half oz's. I know it's hit or miss with them

  5. If I buy this every 4 days I'm paying $18,250/year for my medicine. That's before tax.

  6. I stopped up there as well and was torn between TCC or Triple Crown. I went with the Triple Crown this time. No complaints! But TCC is next on my list👌🏽

  7. How was the triple crown? I’ve had the pod version & it was def bedtime indica status.

  8. Personally I liked it alot. I'm an indica type of guy and I would recommend it to anyone. Also tried the pod version just picked up the layer cake!

  9. Try the luster pod it's one of my favorites in the program I highly recommend it to anyone 👌🏽👌🏽 So so good

  10. My Josh D Motorbreath is amazing I'm so happy I picked that one up. Got Big Head to follow that up once I'm finished with the Motorbreath

  11. Hells on Wheels if you can find it it is my favorite pod from pow

  12. Thank God Ashtabula has 2 going up saves me on drives🙌🏽

  13. 2 luster pods last me about two weeks I usually try and pick up the 3 pack grow Ohio pods when they have them in stock.

  14. Got a couple of their luster pods the other day and they don’t really even compare butterfly effect and Klutch

  15. Hells on wheels it's the best pod they got. Love that strain from them👌🏽

  16. G Leaf imo is one of the worst dispensary to go to. Bloom in Painsville is the closest to me and they have the best deals

  17. It's not good your better off bringing some from Michigan and saving 3x the amount of money and headache. Med program sucks in Ohio. Dewine is... Not gonna go there but I'm thinking about not renewing my card when the time comes

  18. Looks like I could pick up all those nugs and crush em in my hand and it'd be powder lmao. I'm good on RC the people who have the money to spend can waste it on "high" % thc. I'll stick to my 20-25% and my luster pods. Pretty sad when bud tenders tell you to stay away from it

  19. They don't have great deals. Have a great inventory if your looking for something specific. Variety of brands

  20. Yes and no, if you get the indigent and or vet 20% discount & if you go order on the day say Buckeye relief is 20% off they stack. But the biggest drawback to this dispensary is everything is done on online from registering to ordering to scheduling pickup time they prefer it that way vs the walk-in service of registering and in-store shopping. To be quite honest my go to dispensaries are Bloom in Akron (25%, on the 1sr & 15th 30% indigent/vet discount) & the new one in Coventry village amplify they stack discounts also (indigent/vet discount 20%)

  21. Yeah Bloom is the closest to me and seem to have the better deals then the Botanist or Gleaf. That's my go to as well

  22. Get ahead of the game I've been at dispensaries where they've had to ask people to leave because they didn't match. Cannot be served. Hate to see it

  23. Hells on Wheels is one of my favorite ones and I'd also recommend Triple chocolate by GO!

  24. From my experience I like the Grow Ohio and Klutch pods. I just recently tried the Hells on Wheels Pure Ohio pod and I also recommend that one

  25. Yeah I’m klutching it up, and hopefully They got the strawberry 🍓 fields GO pod…. I mean they do but not trying to pay the extra 12 for the kit, you gotta GO luster go to pod? Like if yer getting GO what’s your strain??

  26. I like layer cake, triple chocolate chip , og kush. I'm more of an Indica kind of guy

  27. I suggest get the Hells on Wheels in pod as well so so good I'm finishing that one up right now I'm glad I picked up two!

  28. I've only had a little bit cuz I'm waiting for it to rehydrate, cuz it burns too quick with it being dry. But what I've partaken in I really like it definitely what I've been looking for. Definitely a heavy hitter, I'm a daily heavy toker and with a few toke I was feeling good and found myself taking my dog for a longer walk than normal in the cold lol

  29. I recently got the GG #4 from them and it wasn't too bad at all. Not to dry I feel like it's hit or miss with any bud in program. I've had "top shelf" bud crumble in my fingers. I'm very satisfied with my purchase of 14 g for $70 out the door.

  30. Them 🍪 ain't no joke I picked some up also and the effects are right on. One of my top sativas from Buckeye. Will definitely get again

  31. Yo wait Painesville?? Bro we should smoke sometime, I live in Concord!

  32. I'm in Ashtabula county not to far from you at all

  33. My buddy swears by the pressure by Certified I'm gonna have to check them out. Looks yummy

  34. That pressure definitely has some A1 genetics

  35. Same in Painsville man the blooms are the last of the dispensarys that take avg of an hour unless you can go during non busy days. Been to two other in the state on my first visit and it took half the time. Bloom really needs to look into this

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