1. Yo wait Painesville?? Bro we should smoke sometime, I live in Concord!

  2. I'm in Ashtabula county not to far from you at all

  3. My buddy swears by the pressure by Certified I'm gonna have to check them out. Looks yummy

  4. That pressure definitely has some A1 genetics

  5. Same in Painsville man the blooms are the last of the dispensarys that take avg of an hour unless you can go during non busy days. Been to two other in the state on my first visit and it took half the time. Bloom really needs to look into this

  6. How about the wait at every Bloom the one in Painsville ain't any better. Average of 1hr. Getting ridiculous. I went to Gleaf in Warren and Botanist in Wickliffe and the waits were no where near as bad. In and out

  7. I had this happen! Does it look like bottom has metal sticking out? Chat me if you want to see a picture of the one I had... they sent me a refund for it being "defective"

  8. Y'all think this is something new there always has and will be corruption in Mexico. They'd be scared if the US came in there and fucked the cartels and the military up... Oh wait that's right they pretty much work hand and hand. So we take them out Mexico is done

  9. The dispensaries i go to have the batteries for sale but don’t list them on the online menu, just the menu in the store. Usually like $20 or so.

  10. This is exactly how i would put it as well. I started off with carts only but switched to pods. I'll only purchase carts if I see something that catches my eye. Layer Cake is my favorite by BE. I've also heard good things about SLH and Chem DD

  11. Just left Painesville, in and out no problem!

  12. Usually Bloom in painsville is a headache as well. Can't make it out there when there's nobody there I'm to busy to wait till the perfect time to go lol

  13. I got this about a month ago and I would recommend anyone to try it. One of the top ones I've tried in the program

  14. The blue cheese is the bee’s knees

  15. That's the new one I picked up yesterday along with Stardawg and OG Kush

  16. Me personally I like the grow ohio lusters and my go to would be layer cake. Would not steer you wrong on that one

  17. I've got a job and a lot of responsibilities.

  18. I understand I just don't get into that much I'm fairly new to the program so I'm trying out different buds seeing what's good and what's not so I appreciate your feed back no doubt. As far as prices go I didn't buy the OZ. Got the 2grams to try it. But like I said I've had worse even in this program

  19. I'm with you. And by all means I'm really not trying to come off as a prick. I never buy oz either, and its easy to condition us to think we got a decent deal at $30 for a tenth....but just remember you're paying at a rate of $300/oz. Ridiculous, for these prices they need to be bringing some heat.

  20. Electric Peanut Butter Cookies is definitely one of the best in the Ohio program, straight fire

  21. How'd you like the Ice Cream Cake? Haven't gotten around to trying it and curious.

  22. I'm saving it for my birthday next weekend but I'll write a review on here when I try it. Looking forward to it

  23. I just picked up the Hawaiian looking forward to trying it! First time getting Select as well

  24. I haven’t cracked it open yet I’m still on my ultra sour chem cart from firelands

  25. Think I'll give that a try next time I get flower

  26. Do you have a microscope? Id be curious to see if the trichomes are intact and what color they are. (Clear, cloudy, or amber)

  27. No unfortunately I don't that would be interesting to look at though

  28. First time trying this one I've had Orange 43 by Klutch before. Looks wonderful

  29. Peacock is trash and we've all become sensitized as a country. The best of pro wrestling may be well behind us

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