1. Okay but I want to have discussion about who would win. Only problem is I don’t know enough about either animal or their fighting styles lol.

  2. This is actually why I came to the comments. I knew someone would say something like this and I was not disappointed

  3. couldve sworn i saw a post here from a 50 yr old crushing on a mid 20 yr old coworker, might be wrong tho i dont remember but im pretty sure it was this subreddit

  4. I vaguely recall reading something like that, but it might not have been this subreddit

  5. looking at the skylines of san myshuno from brindelton bay is one of my fav things to do, brindleton bay is a top tier world

  6. I just don’t know if she still likes me or if she knows that I still like her.

  7. I know how you feel. I've got a cottage living, simple living family, mum, dad, two kids at child stage, living off the land, entering faires and so on. I won't play them now because I don't want it to change. Ever.

  8. Yeah, and I do have saves like that, but it feels wrong on this one. Not sure why.

  9. okay I might just be dumb, but I swear things do not raise and lower when I press 9/0

  10. I usually have to press control at the same time as the numbers to get them to work

  11. I love how they look but I get so lazy in builds that I abandon what might look best and just go for whatever will slot automatically.

  12. I like using shelves in a pantry with canned goods from Cottage Living, but I wanted some extra ones for decor in my kitchen, but I hate having to put so much effort into said activity because nothing I want to put on a shelf fits.

  13. Bro the mermaids got done dirty af. They don't have a rank or point system like LITTERLY EVERY OTHER-Aliens(yo wtf is up with that?) They can sing a few songs but thats really it. To be honest i think everyone just bought the pack bc of the world.

  14. I first started liking him for his looks but that turned into liking him for his personality:)

  15. Nice nice. What do you like best about him physically? What do you like best about his personality?

  16. They don't know who I actually like, so if I told them I didnt like max they still wouldnt believe me

  17. I don’t fully agree with either party, but either way the political system is a mess. Both parties are a mess. My regret every year is not doing my research on candidates tbh, although I usually just go with voting against baby murder.

  18. 20°F is equivalent to -6°C, which is 266K.

  19. What packs are her party wear, summer & winter clothes from? I absolutely love them but don’t think I’ve seen them before

  20. Her summer dress is from Get Famous iirc. I don’t know for sure about the rest.

  21. I don’t work at a register anymore, but I did it for five years. Was that not long enough or?

  22. I don’t like them. I remember one day eating one and I thought the soft texture was gross and I haven’t tried since

  23. I’ve done this kind of thing before where I randomize features to make them look more unique.

  24. You can do it through gane play to vampires by studying vampire lore and learning to make a potion that turns vampires human (so no longer immortal). Not sure if a non mod cheat way exists but in MCC you can "humanise" sims under the occult menu. I am always doing this in legacy play as Vlad and Lilith like to have huge families, the game just fills up with vampires if you dont cull them.

  25. Whoa. I didn’t know you could make a potion with the vampires to turn them human

  26. It seems like he at least enjoyed spending time with you and was willing to spend a little more time with you to walk with you. So that's a good thing. I don't know if he was just being polite or nah. You might need to spend more time with him to figure that out.

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