1. You are straight as much as the sun is slightly hot.

  2. Underwear (socks, boxers), t-shirts, thick shirts and pants gets the hang drying. If it’s much I’ll add a fan to speed it up. (Bed clothes are also hang to dry) I only use dryer for towels since they get much softer.

  3. IMO, sneakers is fine if you have a relaxed outfit. Like the dude in blue pullover.

  4. I’m way to confident about eagles. Sure they got NASTY claws and a beak made for ripping meat. But if you break one wing it’s GG for the eagle. Their main advantage is flying and with one wing non-functional what the avian animal gonna do grounded? Birds aren’t the most sturdy built animals either.

  5. I know for a fact that I CAN run faster than 24 kmh. I tried highest setting on a treadmill my parents own and it “only” went up to 24 kmh, even if I had more to give.

  6. what do you even do with the souls in dark souls i’ve never played it only watched streamers and it’s like “10k souls collected” when they go to where they died or something but it feels like they never use them

  7. Nah bro u just salty because u got called maidenless the same second you stepped out of the warmup area.

  8. (As a native swede) In a modern society and as long as everything works it’s not too bad. Stay inside during cold, layer up and have air humidifier going. Crawl under a blanket and cat will join you purring. Ain’t bad really. Darkness is worse even if it has a cozy feeling to it. As long as it doesn’t go from humid/rain to -8C overnight and back it’s very manageable, even at -15C. Proper seasons is very nice.

  9. I do enjoy to sniff my cat, but try not to because fur in nose tickles like a MF.

  10. Pretty sure those cubes are a government tool to subvert the populace.

  11. Almost never at restaurants. The food I eat when I eat at “restaurants” are pizza/kebab, because that’s where IF I go out to eat I’ll end up. (I don’t really count pizzerias as proper restaurants because they’re kinda the same as McDonalds in that sense even if they’re often run by families and not franchises)

  12. For bros, chicken nuggies is the main deal. Being topped/top someone is just a bonus.

  13. "Kolla här Von Svinarschlé och Von Plöff, köpte en skjortnål som ser ut precis som en säkerhetsnål. Hähä visst ser jag ut att tillhöra proletariatet nu?"

  14. For my builds, Chosen Undead easily. Maxed out BK halberd with 40 STR and equally high stamina is my god slaying champion. Poise ain’t a bad thing either.

  15. Classic cringe but also sad bc fousey has some unhinged manic episode at the time. Literally out of his mind and living in some alternate reality. Super sad

  16. As far as I can understand, living in LA, social media and wishes to become a massive influencer does that to a mfer.

  17. “So yeah I know u gay bro, but you should come over and watch porn with me at my place. It’ll be fun! A bonding experience. I’m not gay, but you should still come over to watch porn”

  18. Had a dream of being chased around my house by a giant pair of scissors with eyes. What does this mean?

  19. You should mount tactical red dot aim on scissors and cash in. You being chased was because all the pussy that would throw themselves after you with your wealth.

  20. Wait… anon doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does believe in demons? The fuck sense does that make?

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