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  1. See I definitely agree with most of your points, but I do agree that at 18, at least with the current laws, they are legally adults, and in my opinion, should have the opportunity to do things that other adults have the ability to do. Do I think it’s necessarily a good idea? No. Do I think many (if any) individuals will actually make it? Not really. But I do believe as legal adults, if they are qualified and a tan wants them they should be able to make that decision

  2. And they can learn instead of relaying on their imperial heritage, just like with their measuring system.

  3. And the majority of their listeners are American, they already had a football primer, so it would be confusing for everyone to have a second primer labeled as football

  4. The whole point of deciding the winner was you can’t quantify gratitude. I agree Wade’s story was amazing, but when it comes down to it WHO F**KING CARES about which story was best. You KNOW the boys don’t really care, they just want to have a good show, one that can touch people, make us laugh, etc. People who attack them over an episode LITERALLY ABOUT GRATITUDE is doing nothing to benefit literally anyone

  5. It would be "So bad its good", and season 2 would start with, "Wade's secret words". I actually think that's pretty appropriate since secret words was one of the first episodes to deviate from the topic formula, and there was a lot of episodes like that in the hypothetical season 2.

  6. I think Wade’s secret words actually felt like the season one finale, and then season two starts with f*ck you energy

  7. I dont think so since theater is more of an art focus. Yes it may require some athleticism and competition but that does not necessarily make it a sport. Same for orchestra or ensemble groups. They are more art focused.

  8. I agree, just because something is competitive and takes effort doesn’t make it a sport. I was in a show choir for several years, and I wouldn’t consider it a sport, not because it wasn’t as difficult or time consuming as sports, in fact it was likely more so, but our focus was on the performance, and putting on a good show, rather then focusing on the physical aspect

  9. People who dont allow shirtless workouts are self conscious and shouldn’t be at the gym whatsoever

  10. I will say to Tyler’s credit, while the cheerleading one seemed a little strange to be so impromptu, I think most of the time he genuinely tries to be knowledgeable about the sports he’s discussing. I think it’s to be expected that he has biases towards certain sports (just going through this subreddit you can see that pretty much everyone does)

  11. I agree... Hot takes but you never said if it was right or wrong. (눈‸눈)

  12. Yeah but honestly it was the burger that mostly made me want to go there

  13. They also have the regular burger still? I’ve been a couple times since they added the impossible burger, and they still have every burger from before, they just added a new one

  14. Really? It was a while ago but the last time I asked about the previous type of Burger they said they permanently switched to the impossible burger.

  15. That’s wierd, I’ve never seen anything like that at any Burger King I’ve been to

  16. As far as the medieval sports I think the deference between them and the hunter games is that, yes they are deadly, but death is not inherently the goal of those sports. In the hunger games literally no one can win without everyone else dying, while I’m medieval times that was more of a super common side effect

  17. I will say as an American, they still talked about a lot of places that were specific to them and Cincinnati, and I still thought it was funny to listen to. I’ve never heard of long John silver, but bob’s rant was still entertaining regardless

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