1. Barber John Wayne has English-speaking staff and does great haircuts. They have experience cutting Caucasian hair. It’s located in Higashishisaibashi. They are sometimes busy so you might want to call ahead and make an appointment.

  2. Been going here for 7 years, can’t recommend it enough. Pay the extra for a shave too, totally worth it.

  3. For every new player not spending $20, there is a whale spending $200.

  4. I’ve moved apartments a couple of times during my time in Japan. When I encountered this situation, the same as you, I was furious.

  5. I just had to read his Wikipedia page to see what this was about. Yikes!

  6. Is that still a thing? All of the younger people I talk do don't really associate Christmas and KFC anymore. It feels like a 90s thing.

  7. Have you tried getting one of their Christmas meals? It’s usually sold out a week or two before Christmas in most stores for the last 7 years in Osaka. It’s still very much a thing.

  8. Eh, I'll wait for a proper release. Doesn't have the same impact when it's at such a steep angle to the screen. They'll probably release it soon anyway, knowing that She-Hulk only has so many episodes left and then the hype train for Wakanda Forever starts.

  9. They could have it post credits as an “intro” to the next phase as it’s officially the end of Phase 4. (With the Guardians holiday special serving as an epilogue according to Gunn)

  10. It’s because there have been about 134 posts about the same topic in the last 8 hours. Most of which just repeat the same sentiments.

  11. There’s nothing on the website about being refunded coins when purchasing the Champions edition.

  12. Mid-October… remember the borders are opening again at the start of October. There’re going to be thousands of people flocking to USJ for Super Nintendo World, for sure.

  13. I love playing as Crypto, but I can understand why people don’t pick him.

  14. Before I even clicked on it, I assumed it was Mayu comically falling down a flight of stairs.

  15. Don’t do it. Even though it’s a hassle, go for the “proper” internet.

  16. It was nice not to be mistaken for a tourist when traveling, shopping, etc when visiting places these past 3 years.

  17. I definitely noticed waiting staff just talking to me in Japanese instead of saying “イングリッシュメニュー?”

  18. I told them I had refreshed the store for Echo due to the blog saying she’d be there. I was advised by customer service “Next time, you should wait for the in game message cuz the blog is subject to change.” Pristine response! 🤨

  19. I got the same last week with premium orbs. I messaged back by asking what the point of the blogs were if they could just make up whatever they want.

  20. I went to Costco last week, it’s just as expensive as the local supermarket these days.

  21. bulk items I can't buy locally. Things like 18 boxes of mac n cheese for 1800 ish yen. Gotta buy things that last. Don't remember if they have ground beef but if they do, its in a higher amount for a lower price than my local coop. I live a stones throw away from one in Tsukuba.

  22. Ah yeah, the really big bulk items seemed worth it. I spotted 30 cans of Dr Pepper for 1,500円 which was a steal. But most of the meat I saw was super expensive aside from the chicken.

  23. “Cool! One of my most fav is {insert character name}. I love {insert possessive pronoun} {insert random skill}”

  24. Okay, that’s fine. But what’s the fire horse got to do with anything?

  25. Osaka: Slightly rainy at around 11pm, not much more than that.

  26. This was like Jebi, but instead of hitting you guys it got Kyushu.

  27. I know that. OP was asking for our experiences so I was talking specifically from Osaka.

  28. I make 260,000. It’s not anything to write home about but I’m able to live comfortably on it for now.

  29. For that amount of hours, that’s very generous and a rare case.

  30. Good idea. Wearing a cap can cover bald patches.

  31. Asian hair has more cuticle layers and wider cuticle cells than Caucasian hair, Japanese shampoos are designed with this in mind. It affects the moisture levels.

  32. Yeah it’s been posted a few times, but honestly, past Silver, you’re better off just playing normally.

  33. Man, if I had 100円 every time the Japanese news told me to “prepare for the massive typhoon”, which then turned out to be nowhere near as bad.

  34. You're not likely to get your 100 this time.

  35. Goddammit, that extra large size Matsuya Gyumeshi set will have to wait.

  36. One month of national pension premium is about 16,500円, so while it’s kind of shitty that they told you after a few months, it’s not that bad.

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