1. Rising interest rates are necessary to combat inflation in our current economic model. You can't complain about interest rates if you're also complaining about inflation.

  2. Honestly, I don't even care that much about the equality. It's the disrespect and lack of autonomy (while we still crow about freedom) that burns me. It's so hypocritical. It's the fact that no matter what women do in America, we're bad and men hate us. I've been abroad, and I have never, ever seen the level of rancor that American men have for women elsewhere.

  3. Would a house sitter work? Would she be less likely to get into mischief/stress at home?

  4. I have a sitter for the weekends but I think for an entire 4 days of 24/7 care a professional boarding facility would be best. Most dog sitters don’t have a car, or are small women who would have an issue carrying 65 kilos down 13 flight of stairs in the case of an emergency fire drill. (She refuses to go down the emergency fire stairs so she needs to be carried)

  5. lol I pay for your centrelink with my 50% tax rate you lil bitch.

  6. No. I’m a pickle fanatic if you can’t tell by my post. I tried many jars of multiple brands dude. There’s no way to test for crunch quality since they’re in cases of glass man

  7. cilantro like/dislike is genetic I believe

  8. Kinda. The soapy taste is genetic, but some people like that it tastes soapy.

  9. What kind of DNA test tells you if you have that gene, can I ask? And I'm curious what other kinds of similarly random things it shows!

  10. 23andme! It also tells you if you're likely to be a good singer, fat/skinny, have a fear of heights, and heaps of more interesting stuff.

  11. Are you on Queen Street? My apartment just got broken in as well. Same w another unit on my floor. Quite a few incidents on this recently I suppose

  12. Yea maybe the same building w the shitty lift? Anyhow yea sucks, I lost some items which is not major but quite sad and annoying too. Sorry to hear about what happened to you, and hopefully the police can do something about this

  13. I think people forget that even in the absolute best of cases, adoption involves trauma. There is no “just” about it and when people say “just adopt” they are doing a disservice to everyone involved.

  14. Nah pls read the science behind it. Lots of data showing adoptees have more illness, lower life expectancy, morbidities, etc. even in perfect infant adoptions

  15. My friend donated vegan baby formula to some ukranian care packages and got shit for it. like no ukranians could ever be vegan or deserve to be given vegan aid in a crisis

  16. I had to have dairy free formula as a child due to a congenital defect I was born with.

  17. To be fair, I do this all the time because I have ADHD and my brain is broken. :D It’s not always a gender thing.

  18. Me and my wife do this to each other all the time. We don't memorize where we got the information, so it turns into a feedback loop. It used to be frustrating, but we've learned to just accept and move on :P

  19. Do y’all do it to each other or are you just doing it to her? 💀

  20. School shooters are pathetic bullies. Narcissistic scum.

  21. I mean the obvious counterargument is that it's dilutes the words meaning. Pursuing a 6 year old is different from pursuing a 16 year old. This makes that distinction.

  22. Yes. If you don't have a dietary source of B12, you need to take a B12 supplement. Some plant-based milks like soy or almond are fortified with B12, and often tofu is fortified with B12 as well, but if you are making your own or do not consume those products, you need to be taking a supplement. B12 is not an optional nutrient.

  23. Plenty of cereals (Kellogg’s All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes, Kellogg’s Special K Low Fat Granola, Kellogg’s Special K, General Mills Whole Grain Total, General Mills Multi-Grain Cheerios, and Kashi Heart to Heart Oat Flakes. Many of these cereals offer 100% of the DV of vitamin B12 per serving.)

  24. What is your profession within healthcare?

  25. PubH, but what does that have to do with informing people of the sources of B12 in foods?

  26. Are you sure that's not butterfly tea? There's no such thing as blue matcha, butterfly tea is made using flowers, matcha is a true tea.

  27. There's so much trash on the street. Is that normal in the US?

  28. Guys act dumb about consent for things being inserted into your body until you put a finger even remotely close to their asshole and they jump out of their skin. They know.

  29. yes, we keep coddling men by attributing ignorance to what is really malice.

  30. If they think they don't have to compromise or allow men to have reproductive rights too, I can go hardline and hardass too.

  31. But it just harms u lol. And men do not regularly submit bills to not pay child support lel

  32. Exactly. Financial abortion needs to be on the table right now if I'm expected to sympathize with their side.

  33. lol but if you're not on "their" side this hurts your position also.

  34. You look at his pic and it's obvious that his involuntary celibacy comes entirely from his personality. He's so ugly on the inside that he's sabotaging himself, the architect of his own situation and rage. This dude has to be mentally ill; healthy people don't behave like this.

  35. He’s not mentally ill, he’s just misogynistic, the same way the Karen screaming, spitting on, and calling the cops on black men is simply violently racist.

  36. Yet the women who regularly shot guns didn’t have this problem, and the male gun newbies weren’t any better

  37. Women are usually more precise with firearms when practiced.

  38. The fact that with money you can get away with anything, welcome to hell

  39. the effect of the increased focus (which is what I need it for) seems to last about 6 hours so id sleep through the desired effect.

  40. True. How long have you been on it? For some of those medications the side effects start to subside after a couple weeks. If you’ve been on it awhile if might be worth trying a different class. Have you tried a non-stimulant ADHD med?

  41. I have not tried a non-stimulant ADHD med, but I've been on dexamphetamine for 7 months now and lisdex I was on since 16 years old.

  42. Agree to disagree (on some things, other things I agree with you on)? When you’re touching pregnant sharks and actively interfering with the wellness of their spawn, it’s pretty damning to me.

  43. Thats fair enough! Didn’t know she said that about sharks being touch starved. That’s weird as fuck.

  44. I'm still not 100% sure I don't want a kid. If I ever get to the point where I'm 100% sure I'm calling the Dr to schedule the snippy snip that very day lol

  45. Funny how women have to risk liver cancer, stroke, suicide, psychosis, uterine perforation, complete loss of libido, insane weight gain, constant bleeding, and an entire book of side effects simply because men aren’t “entirely sure if I want kids or not.”

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  47. Since you’re balding - I have to ask - have you tried Spironolactone?

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