1. I genuinely want to see gamer tears out here, and none of these games are really causing enough of a wave.

  2. /uj Can you elaborate? This is a fascinating point.

  3. /uj For example, something that has no white representation. At all. Also no straight representation. But, make it something that they would desperately want to play. The mechanics and everything surrounding it will have to be near perfect.

  4. /uj Ahah, now that you explain this more, yeah, it would be epic. I would have to buy an entire kitchen's worth of popcorn to watch the literaly manbaby tantrums that would be had.

  5. So what he's trying say is that he likes leftist women.

  6. Mommy holds OP gently in swaddle, pats OP's head and whispers, softly. "Baby, baby. It's going to be alright. Shh now."

  7. What I call a "female gamergate supporter" is "a sock-puppet account of a man"

  8. It's funny how when someone lives in a little sheltered bubble, small things can seem very big.

  9. I don't like bigots and misogynists. No one should.

  10. "Come on flunkies, do random crimes in my name. I'll definitely protect you, because I have a huge history of doing that."

  11. Can you all recommend games that you're playing currently that you're really into? I'm looking to dive into some new stuff. /rj and /uj are both okay.

  12. Wildermyth is a game I had recommended to me earlier and it's been a ton of fun. It's an incredibly charming game and I've really enjoyed it. Basically an rpg where you get to make a lil group of adventurers and do a campaign with them, and while each campaign has a set overall story, there are tons of smaller events and stories that can take place throughout the journey which are procedurally generated as far as I understand and it's quite cool. Also has great art and music

  13. Wanted to come back and say thanks for this. This is a really charming game. I had to ramp up the difficulty but having a good time.

  14. Thank you for the review. I appreciate these. Somehow I intuitively felt this from Green Tomb without getting it, just from the way it was presented.

  15. It really do be like every single outspoken anti-LGBT republican is projecting from their own baggage.

  16. You are not the asshole. Edgy bullshit is tired. I don't care how warped or disturbed someone's childhood was - it's not an excuse to pass demented shit as acceptable for others. There's nothing funny about names like that - other than the fact that it's so tacky or shocking that someone would be awful enough to name it that - in which the joke is the PLAYER.

  17. If the point of including disturbing/traumatizing/demented things in the campaign is just to be a joke (which seems to be the case here), then I agree with you.

  18. You make a really good point. Nah, I wasn't saying all that. Surprise and shock, discomfort, tension -- these things are good as a story element in itself, can be quite effective in emotionally engage a player. Just gotta be crafty.

  19. I'd recommend they check the room costs for his hotels when certain individuals stay there. I have a hunch that pricing is sus af.

  20. I don't trust any person who has seen Trump speak at all and hasn't *immediately* clocked him as a con artist. Dude *exudes* sleazy bullshitter energy, and did long before any Presidential shit. Anyone who doesn't see this about him is not to be trusted, period.

  21. This has been posted on this subreddit a good bit. Run a search.

  22. Someone forgot to end the sentence with "...to my criminal activity."

  23. I do a mixture out of descriptions and handouts. Because I don't want shopping to eat up time from more interesting things, but I don't want to break immersion too much.

  24. I'm glad the writer of this article could find time in their busy day to scratch together 7 whole paragraphs on this topic.

  25. I want a copy of the source code of this. I'd use it for a lot of other things.

  26. I'm backing this because it looks well put together and a cool concept. Sometimes my players struggle with more complicated murder mystery investigation content, which makes me a little anxious... but I can probably figure out a way to make it work.

  27. Ultimately, like every TTRPG, the DM sets the more nuanced tone of the game. So while one could reply with sweeping generalizations that would be fairly decent, the right answer is to ask your DM. Especially if you have an idea on a concept already, to check in with them if it'll work.

  28. I can't wait til more right wingers start accepting science! Soon we'll have christian scientists (see what I did there?), climate change right-wingers, vaccine right-wingers, and proper educational funding for the sciences across all American schools.

  29. This is a solid dunk but a lot of leading scientists, past and present, are/have been religious

  30. Yeah, most people have at least a few nutty ideas. Me, for example, I keep thinking that the better nature of corrupt and fucked-up bad actors in the political world will have an awakening some day and stop being pieces of shit. It's total delusion, and I don't let it get in the way of my better reasoning.

  31. Classic GOP logic: "if i don't personally get affected by something it doesn't exist!"

  32. Unless it's someone in drag. Or someone gay. Or someone getting an abortion. Etc, etc.

  33. True, that's a whole other thing I'd like to think of as a psychologist's payout: denial, self-hatred, projection, scapegoating, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, etc.

  34. I've successfully used ChatGPT a little, especially with backstory/lore. Ultimately, it's just a nice prompt to tease out more details on something vague. Almost nothing it's offered me isn't something I wouldn't have thought of myself, but it provides a nice "mirror" and feedback to further develop an idea, or brainstorm something.

  35. I will never financially recover from a downvote.

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