Boy Befriends Mama Squirrel with a Drink of Water

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  1. It’s Scala; traditional OOP with mutability isn’t the future

  2. if you're in a situation where you'd spend hours changing type signatures, wouldn't the equivalent in Python or JavaScript have the same issue, only it wouldn't tell you where the problem was until it blew up at runtime?

  3. I think the major problem is people using Rust for things it really wasn’t intended for. It is basically meant as an alternative to C++ that fixes a lot of its shortcomings. Why would you write your CRUD API using Rust while there are totally fine alternatives out there that are established and working?

  4. Been on four gay cruises and even we don’t do that

  5. It says the ship is Celebrity Reflection.

  6. No beer, no LGBTQ+, no love. Good job FIFA, you’ve pretty much alienated everyone.

  7. Alienated who? They’re still making money, aren’t they?

  8. Seriously, tattoos don’t glow like that, you’re not the Avatar, you’re not my REAL dad

  9. Apple is proud to announce the new, first person pronoun, “i”

  10. You find out rather quickly by going: "think fast" and tossing harmless objects their way.

  11. Spoiler: +10% damage modifier for each racial class of the user

  12. Rio did the exact same for the 2016 Olympics 🙄

  13. Hairmonic Convergence affected everyone a little differently

  14. My mom said, I’ll grow bigger and my voice will change after Hairmonic Convergence

  15. They do both use neural networks, but they use them in very different ways.

  16. This is a great, accessible write up. Who are you? 🧐

  17. Keep a closer eye on what the market needs/wants and far less on what bootcamps tell you

  18. I always wonder if people who have these criticisms have ever worked in a corporate setting before.

  19. Remember when Magneto fron Xmen pulled the guards iron out of his blood and then made a bullet and killed the same guard? I do. It was badass

  20. Palette swapping the water and the rocks, I really really appreciate. Truer to the pixel art style for me!

  21. I feel mixed. On the one hand, I do feel they are user hostile and not helpful.

  22. Do you also throw dead shrimp back at your boss? 🥺

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