1. Idk how they hate it when murder house and hotel are in LA and there both one of the most liked seasons

  2. That is exactly why it’s hated, people feel like they’ve seen enough of it. Apocalypse, 1984, Double Feature, and the entire first season of Stories also are set in California, and Seasons 1, 2, and 5-10 were filmed there.

  3. This has never been a CGI heavy show and when they have used CGI it has not been the best plus it’s a juvenile concept IMO

  4. Lol a lot of concepts in this show could be seen as juvenile.

  5. Coco winning this poll is so embarrassing. I don’t know how anyone can complain about the show being too campy, then go so hard for characters like Coco and Myrtle.

  6. These are getting spammy. If you would like to continue this, please find a way to do so with way fewer posts (maybe one post with a poll form where people rank the characters in each season and then another post publishing the results).

  7. As someone who thinks it’s the strongest and most intellectually mature season in a while, there are a few factors at play that dominate the complaints about NYC:

  8. Sister Jude. I love her characterisation and it's Jessica Lange's strongest performance on the show.

  9. I have a another view, which is that the season was great until the last episode. If I had wanted to watch Pose, I would have watched Pose.

  10. Tell me you haven’t actually seen Pose without telling me you haven’t seen Pose

  11. I must have missed the episode of Pose where every single major character died an excruciating death from AIDS and didn’t get a Sex and the City-style sendoff!

  12. Is it? I was stunned at how bad season one was that I only watched Alicia Silverstone episode of season two.

  13. Then you watched the worst episode of Season 2, the rest were significantly better

  14. It’s not connected to any of the other seasons but Gino does hallucinate The Angel of Death from Asylum, which is a little Easter egg. As for connections, they’re overdone and forced a lot of the times. I’m glad they’ve stopped doing them because it allows Apocalypse to really stand on its own more as far as returning characters and storylines on the main show go.

  15. Would’ve been nice if they had Frances conroy play the Angel of death again

  16. It honesty would have been a distraction. I think the way they did it allowed the fans who could pick up on the wink to get it without distracting more casual viewers or pulling focus from the story.

  17. Bitchcraft from Coven is available online as well, but that’s it as far as scripts for the show go.

  18. I have a theory its one of the reasons Paulson quit

  19. Great theory considering she had nothing to do with that episode.

  20. Finish watching and then if you have questions come back and ask.

  21. Cordelia easily. I mean talk about an arc in Coven. And then say what you want about Apocalypse but to have her face an unprecedented threat just as she’s settling into supremacy and then to have to grapple with not turning into her mother as her powers/health started to wane was just masterfully crafted conflict.

  22. Right?? Tried a format shakeup in Roanoke, got shit on. Removed supernatural in Cult, shit on. Apocalypse fanservice? Shit on. 1984 with campy and fun theme shit on.

  23. Listening to fans in the first place is how they have and will continue to go wrong every step of the way. To put it nicely, the fanbase is full of people who want an encore of the first three seasons without being able to understand or articulate what worked about those stories for them.

  24. tbh i don’t see why they would execute him for killing madison, considering that he’s not a witch.

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