1. Why wouldn't we expect there to be debate over how to handle something as crucial as Healthcare? That's a terrible example

  2. It’s not a terrible example at all. Look at America. All republicans just voted NO on making it cheaper, they overturned Roe v Wade making abortion illegal, they made it so trans folk can’t get healthcare and drs can out them to their families…

  3. You can't just vote on making something cheaper, that's not how economics works.

  4. What do you mean how is it a human right? How can it not be? Are you serious?

  5. I don’t know where you’re from but here in the UK it takes years because mental health services are shit, and it takes even longer if you’re female because everything is as always based on men

  6. I couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens to them. I honestly hope they die

  7. May 12th 2022. The day I had to say goodbye to my best friend forever. She had a stroke and a seizure which caused her legs to give out so we took her to the vets and said our goodbyes. Worst day of my whole entire life. I’ll never get over the trauma of watching my dog die

  8. Do y’all really not have on/off switches on your outlets? Why don’t you have kettles? Why do you have to pay to hold your own baby after giving birth to it?

  9. Humans are way dumber than I first thought. I knew we were stupid but I didn’t think we were THAT stupid

  10. What’s Octobers? I’ve never actually bothered to see

  11. Male. Don’t get me wrong it sucks for them too but women have it so much worse. We can’t walk alone at night, we can’t wear anything we want without being accused of “asking for it”, we can’t be in taxis by ourselves, we can’t even have coffee without someone bugging us.

  12. Mass shootings, the expired cheeto or more basic healthcare being taken from people

  13. Pain killers, hot baths, sleep, hot water bottles, head pads, those microwaveable beanbag things, and rest

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