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  1. I am sad to say i have a ~125 iq and don’t understand. (satire)

  2. What kind of music is this? sounds interesting.

  3. dopamine is a hell of a drug, gonna feel like shit after tho.

  4. “instant” story takes ages not really instant do u think.

  5. Good for the animal, circuses are a joke don’t know why people even go. (no pun intended)

  6. this could be the story line to a dharmann video.

  7. The music makes it feel like he is dancinig and its too good.

  8. The joke is that the music was used in fight club, a movie following a schizophrenic insomniac. he’s fighting the air.

  9. easy, done this before. stopped smoking tho.

  10. Wow so aesthetic! when is the teeth numberpad coming? teeth knob?

  11. How did u make, or connect the pcb?

  12. What is that little keychain? i keep seeing those pop up on keebs, it’s actually really cool personally. what’s it called?

  13. These comments are kind of sad, she can’t really do much about this.

  14. My silly dream build is to make a plate that is the size of the entire surface of my desk. Somewhere centered below would be a pcb that the usable keys would connect to, but I would put switches and keycaps onto every available square cm of desk surface.

  15. To be fair its about what u use your keyboard for, i am going to build an 80 percent for general use: gaming and typing.

  16. WOW!!! do u use an acrylic 3d printer? looks very smooth.

  17. If they didn’t have money, and not in an “i can’t pay right now” but an “i can’t pay rent this month” way then i would understand but if that would be the case then they wouldn’t have brought that many people as if it’s a feast.

  18. I don’t have an connection with either my biological dad or mom, cps took me away from my mom and i had broken of contact with my dad, even though this resembles my mom in minor ways i hope these kids grow up like a normal child should and have a normal relationship with their parents, doubt it tho.

  19. That their current games suck, because they got insane inhuman power, its unrealistic and not fun at all.

  20. I mean, it makes sense though. Multiple mythologies exist in the series, so eventually someone with demigod powers would become an assassin. Also, past assassin's also had unrealistic and inhuman powers lol. Eagle vision for one

  21. Yes but, their MYTHS and why should we care about eagle eye? it was a thing to help the simulation and the people discover through the amibo, these powers don’t besides make the gameplay bland boring and stupid.

  22. ? What is split caps? There's split backspace, shift and space. There's no split caps lock.

  23. Plenty of soldered boards do, do you mean a hotswap board with stepped caps support? Because that's like 2-3 boards ever.

  24. Yes either but preferably hotswap.

  25. Laughs in having reddit cosmetics.

  26. GORGEOUS, just wondering tho, is this one of those cases where u can basically just slide the full pcb with plate etc, into the housing?

  27. I don’t get why people like transparent keycaps, it’s of course a opinion, BUT they look so uncomfortable, look like they would sound really bad, i can only really imagine downsides.

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