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  1. this is a build that i'd be satisfied with, but it's up to you. also, cryo res doesn't apply in eula teams because of superconduct, the enemies aren't consistently affected by cryo

  2. rest in peace yorkie! i'm sorry for your loss, sending love. it's very hard to lose the ones we love, especially so young

  3. Thank you so much for your words, I agree. He had a lot of living left to do

  4. If you listen to his tone in his post, he sounds contemptuous towards her. I do believe that he would be equally as much as a jackass towards a young male teacher too though. He is a smug, unpleasant male. But the only people that he is really hurting here are his children. Teachers talk, you know.

  5. the last time is a bit condescending, when he says "youngsters like his teacher" but again i think he would say the same thing about a young, male teacher. i don't blame op for arguing with the teacher, but yeah that line is condescending.

  6. I hope his speech make him feel really good because his children are probably well known amongst the teachers in the school now for no good reason.

  7. Been wondering this for awhile now finally decided to ask:

  8. they're not good really, if you're going to get a weapon from the shop get a blackcliff weapon. blackcliff weapons aren't usually top choice but they're more useable than the royal series

  9. Does energy recharge affect the particles generated or only the amount of energy the character with the ER stat receives? For example, a Diona with 200% ER, are the particles she generates all affected by the bonus for every party member, or just she who receives more energy?

  10. yes!! people often forget that physical activity is not the only way to stimulate your dog, they need mental activity as well! you can make puzzle toys if you don't want to buy them (some can be a bit pricey) or research games to play around the house that just give her brain something to do

  11. might just be the angle of the picture, but something about her face looks slightly off from full GSD. i agree with other comments saying mostly gsd though

  12. When do we usually find out the 4-star lineup?

  13. ime leaks for four stars usually come out 3-4 days before the new banner, and the four stars are announced officially the day before i believe. may vary

  14. A wolf's belly would be about the same height as that coyote's back.

  15. even though i know how big they are, i'm still surprised by how absolutely massive they are in pictures

  16. My lab loved her crate, she hasn’t had to use it in years but I used it recently for baby chickens to get outside time (away from the adults—not their babies) and my lab tried to climb in there with them. That was an adventure for everyone lol.

  17. Or use Beidou. I've been running them together and Cyno hasn't been getting smacked around at all.

  18. out of genuine curiosity, how easily does cyno get his burst back up in this set up?

  19. I usually do DMC EQ (let DMC catch) > Beidou Q > Cyno Catch + E and his Burst is usually ready just from that.

  20. i see, thanks for the answer! my beidou is nowhere near built but damn i might raise her just to try this out

  21. I actually usually see bandanas on dogs as a warning that they may not be dog or stranger friendly. This isn't always the case, of course, but I definitely wouldn't assume a bandana is an invitation for anyone to pet a dog without having to ask first.

  22. Tilly's story is so sad - the way they treated him when he was still little and everything aftwards. He was robbed the opportunity to thrive and have a significant life in the ocean with his family. What happened at SeaWorld was a tragedy, but an avoidable one, only if people realized how wrong is to keep these complex, amazing animals in captivity.

  23. and had an entire documentary detailing his life, and still died in a little concrete pool. it makes me very upset

  24. is the track that plays on ittos demo video on spotify? i cant find it

  25. not yet, afaik, it'll be in the next round of demo themes released. he sort of just barely missed the cut for the last one

  26. mine is about 23 gb, with en and jp installed, and it's been quite some time since i've deleted and reinstalled, which usually frees up some space.

  27. This has got to be an ad. Also what cats just go into the water like that without cartoon antics clawing at anything not to get wet

  28. honestly i agree with people saying medicated. their pupils are very dilated considering they are in a well lit bathroom.

  29. You can respect wasps and still be nervous about them! Like, you don't need to love them, but try your best to leave them be or help them out when they need it! They are curious though, so if one does come to check you out, just try not to swat at it, it'll move on once it realizes you aren't anything it's interested in.

  30. Huskies are such adorable and sweet dogs too.. When a wolf spots a person in the wild, they immediacy run away most of the time. This poor thing probably got close enough where she had a super easy shot. I have a husky and this made me feel sick :(

  31. ugh. thinking of the dog going up to her in a friendly way, even to just kind of check her out, only to be shot made me sick. how horrible.

  32. All good cats deserve boxes. Get them a box.

  33. honestly i think my cat is broken. she hates boxes, won't step foot in their direction

  34. YTA. Rehome the animals if nobody wants to take care of them. Putting them outside to be further neglected is wrong. Also, outdoor cats destroy native wildlife populations.

  35. i'm fairly certain i snorkeled with white tips in this exact location when i visited the galapágos

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