1. $100 every single year while we were getting no raises, and do not have a current contract (last one expired April last year). All the while these tools are paying $22 million in rent over the past three years for an office that absolutely nobody works in (they’re all WFH for the past two years). So yeah, people are pissed.

  2. Ok that all sucks but a 100 fee doesn't seem to be important. It seems like they are doing this now as a distraction. Get your riled up over $100 so they can lower it later to make it look like they are trying.

  3. In the end happiness is in the mind. You can choose to be grateful for everything and that changes everything.

  4. Boy, am I happy that the planet will be unlivable for humans in a century. I am positively buzzing with excitement for the planet our children will have to tend to as they starve to death and can't find clean drinking water.

  5. Well focus on the present. Stressing about a future is pointless. Once you are happy you will spread happiness. At least that's a step in the right direction.

  6. Pay it off. What a dream come true. Congratulations.

  7. Haha I love that Bitcoin looks like a Borg cube. Resistance is futile.

  8. Didn't say it was a good habit. What I'm saying is we tax fir profit not to prevent illness or relieve out medical system.

  9. Your grasp on reality seems to be slipping even more.

  10. Do you mean an ankh? I suppose that’s a clever alternative. An ankh (a cross with a loop in place of the shortest bar) is an Egyptian symbol for life. It has nothing to do with religion.

  11. Lol. Not the religious nutjobs. That is what makes it fun.

  12. Just surrender your license and keep driving. What are they going to do.

  13. I can be arrested, suspended for 6-12 months, and pay $500+

  14. Do you find yourself seeking new pooo pics? Is it hard to find? I don't see why you need recovery, your arms are going to be jacked!

  15. That's why #3 is the best. You can go hands free by resting your phone on the back of the toilet.

  16. Literally the same scene fifty times in the last hour in this subreddit. Keep up the good work 😃

  17. Drip coffee is ok. Bambino from Beeville is amazing. Highly recommend.

  18. I remember young and naive times when we thought that internet will lead only to the great things..

  19. Haha. 2010. The future is bright. Like star trek. 2023. What have we done.

  20. Except for jelly fish. Of all the things to survive 😂

  21. I did not know this was so important to some people.

  22. I don't remember this beast. Where is it? The crater?

  23. No worries lol sucks u got downvoted like a perfectly vertical lightsaber 😅

  24. This isn't logical. You are just making stuff up.

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