1. I’m highly regarded but I don’t think the costs for houses are going to come down much ever no matter what. Best you’re gonna get are lower rates one day. The farts out of the barn now as they say 🥴

  2. Only thing better would be if he was wagging his tail the whole time

  3. Cool! I have this very poster formatted as a painting… minus the signatures. Love it

  4. Oh they’re just designed to help you get over the fear/futility of experimenting with “stuff”

  5. They've been broken up ever since she killed him. But Vision was made from Wonder Man's brain imprint so there's always been some drama with the three of them

  6. Oh. Sorry, I stopped reading the Avengers proper in 1984… very few issues since then.

  7. Honestly, they were good for my initial playthrough but afterwards I seldom bothered with them unless it was something I was doing anyway.

  8. The besterest part is Elon didn’t take over until October 27th. He found a way to destroy all revenue streams in just two months.

  9. Great point. Another fucking useless middleman. Why can't I just contact my bank to make a transfer to someone? I guess it doesn't matter because soon I'll be my own bank via my GameStop Wallet.

  10. You always can… for a small fee (~$10) unless you just write them a check.

  11. Silver Surfer is THE guy I want on screen again.

  12. …and the Mole Man. He’d make for a pretty interesting character these days.

  13. Sounds like your dad is in an abusive relationship. Poor guy.

  14. Nothing like coming back from the kitchen or bathroom to find your character resting at your last bonfire/site of grace 🥴

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