1. First 5star was Klee on Klee's first banner. Why did I pull her? Cause I didn't know how the banners worked and just wished willy nilly

  2. Light novels slap ngl. Though, I do recognize that books can be hard to read for some people sometimes.

  3. Me who bought all the LN of Classroom of the Elite over a year ago and still didn't go passed volume 3

  4. Filament shavings. That material was supposed to have gone into your parts. It's probably not great for the lead nut right next to it. Any grease on the screw probably won't print nicely either.

  5. It's probably either grease off the lead screw (mine had loads on it) or it's shaving your filament down as it passes through the hole. I'd print a guide, preferably one with a turning wheel and a bearing. I found the static ones, although easier to make, just wear out extremely quickly and cause more hassle than not.

  6. I follow the step-by-step procedure with the tool that I download from the site, but the update tool never finds my mouse. I did the procedure on 3 differents computers and I also check that the wire is working ok with my cell phone.

  7. Make sure that your mouse is turned OFF when wired. My computer also couldn't find my mouse, until I switched the mouse OFF (on the bottom) then it did recognize it.


  9. What characters should be used if I want to do a nuke (for a showcase)? For example Raiden nuke, who should the other 3 characters be?

  10. You lucky bastard, now replace the plastic extruder before it decides to snap mid print on you!

  11. How do I get tree supports? Pretty new to 3D printing, and I'm also Ultimaker Cura as slicer.

  12. It’s an animation. What exactly is your question?

  13. It's from a game, not an animation, at the 4 second mark the colors change, so I'd like to know if there's a trick to it

  14. Games are animated. Sorry to burst your bubble mate. They aren’t real.

  15. Ok fair enough, but is there a trick to recreate that effect where things darken around the characters?

  16. Does someone know what effect or filter this is at the 4second mark? Or maybe know how to recreate it?

  17. I've heard that Yelans burst hydro application isn't enough for Hutao and that you need to run Xingqiu with her. Is this still the case if I have C6 Yelan?

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