1. Don’t even have to leave the property. Imagine walking to the bathroom when I could drive. Only poor people walk to the bathroom.

  2. A lot of good points have already been brought up in this thread. I would like to add that it heavily depends on the context. Mixed use paths are good if they connect relevant destinations and include good crossing of roads with heavy car traffic. Paths are usually built for recreation unfortunately, so they don’t often go anywhere useful and sometimes go out of their way to avoid inconveniencing drivers.


  4. “Oh yeah bro my Tacoma can drive anywhere”

  5. They are! I was in a ride like this, someone shouted "ambulance" and the street cleared in seconds. Really goes to show how much more efficient bikes are at moving people around the city.

  6. Maybe the house should look both ways before crossing the street? Was it wearing high vis? Has the house considered just buying a car? You know it's just asking to get hit being out there outside of a car!!

  7. Hell yeah! I did the bike commute yesterday instead of carpooling with the coworker that drives real wild. Super relaxing ride and I got to go across the Blumenauer bridge.

  8. Ya know if you drive yourself in your own car you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal space with strangers

  9. I honestly don’t mind riding with other people, it’s just a meme. I have met some really cool people and had some excellent conversations while riding transit. Whenever I drive I end up stressed and angry at people I can’t even see.

  10. Yeah dude, don’t engage with them. They pop up everywhere to come to the defense of sprawl and car dependence. Either they’re a paid shill or just actually mentally ill.

  11. Except the people who live there. People gotta live somewhere and us Americans like land and space --- most of us are going to refuse to live in high-rise apartments next to mass transit stations.

  12. Yeah nothing like paving over all our farmland to drive teslas on. Very cool and normal and definitely won’t cause any issues in the future.

  13. Right, and petty name-calling is wicked mature. There are plenty of great arguments against our vehicle-centric lives. Why not focus on those and quit debasing yourselves and our movement by calling people toddlers? You might as well be pro-car.

  14. Yeah, blame all the ice age glaciers for that. I can’t comprehend getting around the area with even a single speed.

  15. On my commute in a hilly city this morning I saw a fair few people riding single speed cruisers like this.

  16. Something that nobody has mentioned is service vehicles. Garbage trucks are loud. My ex lived in an apartment building next to a mixed use building. The glass recycling truck came at 3 am every night and was right next to their bedroom window. It was so loud.

  17. Nobody mentioned it because it has basically nothing to do with the area being mixed use. Garbage trucks, snowplows, etc. go to all neighbourhoods, including low density and residential only neighborhoods.

  18. I neglected to mention that the rules are different where I'm at for commercial vs residential areas. In residential areas they can't run garbage and delivery trucks before 6am but commercial areas they can do it pretty much whenever. Mixed-use gets lumped in with commercial so loud trucks come at all hours. You're also a lot closer to it when you're right next to or above it as apposed to bins being picked up on the street.

  19. This is actually Portland’s light rail system, not the streetcar :)

  20. But traffic flow bro right on red keeps traffic flowing bro it makes it so I can go from one gridlocked street to the next so much faster

  21. I know plenty of people who've been using the same bike for literally decades.

  22. Doesn’t matter, gonna use it to pick up trash on my street

  23. Replace the driveway with stairs, an ada compliant ramp and some more greenery. Convert the garage to a small apartment. Build a corner grocery store down the street. Upzone the area to allow for construction of mixed use multi family development. Build bike lanes and safe pedestrian crossing. Connect to existing high capacity transit network, if none exist build one.

  24. I mean seriously, why would somebody prefer driving on an overcrowded highway, when you can have this view on the top coach floor with a meal and a cold beer, while reading a book.

  25. I feel the same way about train vs plane. Flying fucking sucks, I have to be packed into a metal tube that shakes around and makes me wanna throw up. I’d much rather stretch my legs, have some snacks or a meal, read my book, or just watch the scenery go by. I will gladly spend 3x longer on a train to avoid flying.

  26. I always fantasize of taking a couple-day-long train ride with a sleeper car, idk why

  27. If any of y’all have read the Three Body Problem trilogy, this actually gives me major vibes of how the solar system comes to an end in the last book.

  28. I always wondered What is the point of the Street car? It has to sit in traffic like the bus. It can’t go anywhere, unlike the bus. It’s slower than the bus. It’s more expensive than the bus. It’s easily defeated, unlike the bus

  29. Modern streetcars are fraught with problems in a lot of cities and your criticisms are valid. Generally, while streetcar lines cost a lot to build, they are less expensive to operate and maintain than busses. Trains in general require less maintentance because they aren't going over all the potholes and shit in our streets. There's also a higher passenger capacity/operator, meaning labor costs are lower. Streetcars produce very little pollution as others have mentioned. They provide a smoother ride and easier level boarding for people with disabilities. The buses have ramps but can be really awkward especially for people in power chairs.

  30. Wow thanks for this. You provided a very logical explanation instead of being down voted to hell. I was legitimately asking a valid question based on the OPs picture they provided, in which it hit me thinking “damn what does the street car actually do??” So again thank u

  31. No problem, glad you're asking in good faith.


  33. It's also unfortunate how bad the frequencies are. It mostly runs like every 20 minutes which isn't super useful when it's only marginally faster than walking. I'd really love to see more signal priority for the streetcar and transit only lanes. There's a few on the east side, but not really where it counts. Absurd that there are 4 lanes of car traffic there.

  34. I always want to ride the street car. But even when I need to travel up and down grand/MLK it has always been a bus that lines up better with my plans. I’ve always had to go out of my way to ride it making it feel more like a novelty than a useful transportation option.

  35. Yeah I hear that. I mostly use it to get to/around the Pearl for some bougie coffee/dining.

  36. Why are we posting cop shit here now? I get that we don’t like the car, but I hate the other person in this vid just as much for just as many reasons (some overlapping). Hard to celebrate a bloated enforcement apparatus that probably harrasses people on bikes and pedestrians just as much, if not more.

  37. alright so what's your solution to get people to stop parking in bike lanes

  38. obviously get rid of the bike lanes

  39. lol. Vision Zero (pedestrians and cyclists)

  40. Oh my god this is actually huge. I live in a newer building and the hallways are air conditioned but the units aren't. Like if I'm paying out the ass for rent at least pipe some of that sweet AC to my apartment. Windows swing out horizontally so the only AC that we can use are those portable air conditioners that are super inefficient and suck massive ass.

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