1. my friends and family who don't know him, reads it as e-jae too. (i have a phone case sticker) 🥲

  2. wtf i wasnt expecting this at all. 😭 i love jae sm

  3. i still think about that ending sometimes 😬😬

  4. tracklist! (it's actually smiling in insomnia 😅)

  5. he even got the day wrong and changed it multiple times 😭😭 but it's okay. that's just jae.

  6. Im in! I wanted to read The Emperor's Soul for so long and a bookclub of youngsters might be the key to start this. WDYT

  7. Have read his Cosmere books but always wanted to reread them, especially Stormlight Archive & Mistborn. Count me in if matuloy (:

  8. Now Jae has more than 900 000 monthly listeners on spotify! I am really proud of him. Hopefully he will release new music in february :)

  9. whoa. that was fast. i couldve sworn it was only at 700k like several days ago.

  10. DAY6. In a group it's almost always the leader, the dancer, the rapper, the visual and the myday.

  11. He said it'll be 100% fiction but i really hope he's just trolling and it's just an idea he will never actually see through. 🥲

  12. Jessica said hers was fiction too and look how that turned out 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  13. I think the tweet is a little misleading. I checked the article and it's mostly about idols who will be discharged from the military this year.

  14. thank you! that is a bit misleading, maybe they meant comeback from military of all members. The replies and qrts are all so excited and I don't wanna be the party pooper by questioning it 😅. Also not sure if that ID has released legit future news before.

  15. The uncle in the back just sitting, staring, and smiling while everyone was losing it made me laugh so hard I peed a lil.

  16. you can search scholarship prank on tiktok i think. i haven't watched much but this one came on my feed and just made me laugh sm.

  17. / uj wtf are they Actually that young??

  18. uj/ new jeans? yeah. 😭 theyre 14-18 yrs old. (the commentors, im not surprised r a bunch of kids)

  19. ive read red rising (1-3) and Jurrasic Park, but will add fahrenheit 451, i know it's a classic. Thank you!!!

  20. Coincidentally enough, I have also only read the first 3! I think there’s going to be a 6th one now.

  21. I loved the first 3, I think I gave them all 5 stars. But i I don't have any interest in continuing. I thought it ended quite well already.

  22. DAY6's Young K. (literally all of the members but if i had to pick)

  23. He said Jae hyung got cancelled one year ago now is my turn 😭 (is the anniversary today the timing sends) but beyond joking he has some guts for talking like this.

  24. Okay, i'll add algernon. I know it's sad but it's a classic. I've already read Orient Express. Thank you!!

  25. Sea of Tranquility. Foundryside. Legends & Lattes. A Psalm for the Wild-Built.

  26. I've read foundryside! (loved it) will choose from the other 3 (probably sea of tranquility) thank you!!!

  27. For me Young K is the most consistent among the boys. In terms of versatility I’d rate Sungjin just a little bit higher than Young K that’s why I am excited to see how Sungjins solo album will unfold.

  28. I'd rank them as Jae first, then Young K, Sungjin, Wonpil, Dowoon. Firing Jae was an enormous loss to the group musically.

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