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  1. Oh fuck off, you don't need to go to therapy for every minor thing. Just relax a bit, know its a game, just a game. Nothings gonna happen when you lose, or win.

  2. Therapy is nothing bad and nothing you should think badly of. Most people dont have the mental space to actually fully reflect on their actions and take responsibility.

  3. I see about a hundred of these dumb questions a day, I just want people to figure it out on there own, learn to dose yourself an pace yourself while smoking, it’s beyond my comprehension how naive 98% of weed smokers have become.

  4. So your feet get mostly used to it and our streets are reasonably clean and usually you can see what you are stepping on. And inside stores it's never really an issue

  5. So when I tell you in english that I'm from Geneva, you don't believe me?

  6. I was born here, not my parents, so I'm second generation.

  7. For real like Trolololol , buddy probably got a bag of some PGR from some Mylar pack at his local gas station thinking it’s the best shit he ever smoked.

  8. Man cbd is jsut normal weed without the thc. There's literally no way you can tell if its cbd or not (edit: by just looking at it).

  9. You smoke the crack probably

  10. Slacks i love you. Say hi an answer my prayers (sorry to be needy)

  11. Is there a french-speaking area in Zug?

  12. Thanks for your advice. That's very true, I think what I need to learn is not being impacted by that sort of stuffs. Hope you are doing good in Japan :)

  13. Zurich is not as racist as other cantons. Especially in the city you will encounter 0 racism

  14. Irrelevant- here to have a good time...

  15. I guess they were hungry in their break and ordered food. The delivery guy/gal can't enter the break room (not even close as it's probably behind security) so they're carrying the food there. Don't know whether they borrowed the bag for that or whether they have their own for the "last mile".

  16. Some delivery companies are paid to drop things off. Not bring them in your house. Not his job or problem.

  17. She walked up, clearly saw the camera rolling, and yet completely interrupted him while he was doing his job. Sorry but he earned that titty grab.

  18. Honestly If you had ubs, you will never get the same quality of service with other banks.

  19. It’s not a myth, it’s just not necessary and is unhealthy beyond need.

  20. Shoot you’re right next to Washington, Oregon or Nevada, go get you some.

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