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China 'Deeply Alarmed' By SpaceX's Starlink Capabilities That Is Helping US Military Achieve Total Space Dominance

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  1. Yeah, but why bothering to cater to those that are already going to vote deep blue no matter what?

  2. Because she's presumably looking to run in a primary in 2-6 years and will need those votes then.

  3. Toxic positivity is one hell of a drug. I've seen quite a few communities turn to shit over it.

  4. always tricky when your teammate hovers yas.. you cant win either you get flamed for banning his pick or you have a yas on your team whos going 0/10

  5. Just hover Yone and ban Yasuo quickly. It's usually two windshitter bans for the price of one.

  6. With things like ludens giving 26mpen and void at 40% pen for sure we are not even close to ardent tank meta still.

  7. It's mostly bruiser itemization honestly. Sunderer in particular. With APs you could still go tank against the vast majority of AP champions just because health stacking works against most of them since they tend to do burst damage. But most bruisers can either build an item that completely demolishes you or draintank you to the point where you can't really damage them anymore.

  8. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they were just I a really bad place mentally. I doubt being effectively locked in all this time is enjoyable, and they can't even bitch about it without potentially disappearing.

  9. and after 0 cases what do they do, complete lockdown to the entire world?

  10. Develop a vaccine that works, I assume. If they're actually doing zero covid they're dumber than I thought. Enjoy lockdowns for the next two decades or something in that case ig.

  11. I love how Maokai could have soloed him but he blatantly refuses to read the tooltip of the ability he’s complaining about.

  12. Alternatively, Zeri not being shit would've made all the difference there as well. Notice how much damage shit does when she actually, yknow, hits the Swain.

  13. I agree with you, at least GP will let you play, unlike Irelia or Fiora. With Irelia, once she stacked passive, you need to pray you can reach tower before she murders you by simply rightclicking. Pure stat checking. Fiora literally avoids any interaction: if she lands her parry you're dead, if she doesn't, she still reduces your attack speed so much you'll lose the trade anyway. This is my experience as a tank player. Do you happen to play tanks too?

  14. Irelia feels like that no matter what I play, and most of what I like to play beats her. It's kinda weird how a champion that looks kinda complex is one of the most brainless statcheck champions in the game in lane.

  15. I personally don't doubt that there were some people with delusions about overthrowing the elected government. The evidence for that seems to be well-collected, and every country has its nutbags. I also don't doubt that they had no chance of success. But I also think a lot of people there were just indulging in some regular old rioting, and while I don't approve I can't help but feel that the reason that a lot of politicians are so outraged over it is mostly that they were the ones "hiding in a bathroom" rather than some impoverished working class woman at your run-off-the-mill BLM riot.

  16. Lobotomy was also professional help. Just because it is accepted practice in the medical community, doesn't mean it's actually any good.

  17. Tbf, there's not much more we can do than to trust doctors to give the best medical care they can. Even if the doctors in question come from a field that has had some significant instances of severe quackery, are more or or less just winging it and don't necessarily seem to be helping as much as they maybe could be considering the high suicide rates amongst trans people post transitioning. Doesn't really do any good if a bunch of even more clueless amateurs go in to meddle based on their gut.

  18. The artificial ping is likely put on the server so its impossible that RNG are not on the same artificial ping as everyone else, if you have a proof of the contrary, feel free to post.

  19. How do you put RNG on an artificial delay when they're already on a conventional delay? Just common sense would indicate that this isn't actually possible unless they were looking to effectively put RNG on twice the delay which would fundamentally defeat the purpose.

  20. Do we have any reliable info on whether RNG is also playing with a VPN to equalize ping? Or are they just playing from China with the natural 35ms?

  21. They're playing from China so I just don't see a way they're not playing on natural latency.

  22. The more I play 3K the more I think “wow, Warhammer cav fucking sucks”

  23. Yeah. There's an argument to be made that Warhammer cavalry is more "balanced" for multiplayer or whatever, but it just really doesn't encourage interesting gameplay in its current state. Especially at higher difficulties.

  24. Then don’t play higher difficulty. They work fine on normal

  25. They're still subpar on normal. You can use them on any difficulty if you really want to, but you'll generally get better results if you just don't. Plus then you're playing on normal difficulty and enemies run away when you sneeze at them which really exposes the AI.

  26. They also have plain unpopular social policies. Being bad at engaging with people disagreeing is manageable as long as you run on wildly popular positions, but if you sneer down at anyone that thinks that, say, reparations are a bad policy you're gonna have a really hard time.

  27. Next game G2 will just let them have all of the dragons. Meaning around one or two dragons will be taken by minute thirty.

  28. I much rather have gold-advantages not going to such extreme values in the first place. E.g. increase passive gold and reduce gold generated from CS/kills/objectives.

  29. Then you get to the point where it doesn't matter what you do individually and games turn into a race over which team has the biggest liability that causes them to be 4v5 on the map.

  30. If individually you mean during laning phase then yes too some extent. You can't just solo-carry a game as easily from early game. But that's kinda the point: If you want games to feel "even" or "comebackable" you need to reduce the gold generation.

  31. They're a liability because they're dead or not there when a fight happens. They're a bigger liability if they have more of the team's gold share, and there's less you can do about it individually if you can't build up as sizable of a lead.

  32. Not defending the practice (it's exactly as inconvenient as everyone says), but the exclusivity was a necessity. People don't migrate to a new platform unless they have a reason to. Being better or cheaper matches up poorly with existing investment. This phenomenon shaped the MMO craze of the 2000s, where no one could take WoW's market share, no matter what, because players were already invested in WoW and didn't want to start over at square one.

  33. That's just speculation. We've yet to see someone come out the gate with a product that's actually better than Steam. Obviously people aren't going to look to use a worse platform, but I could see consumers jumping ship for a superior one. Epic never bothered to try and communicated right out the gate that they had zero intention to compete with Steam on quality.

  34. Epic store never had goodwill reddit went ballistic over it the moment it was announced

  35. Epic had goodwill right up until they decided to force exclusive onto a launcher that was dogshit. For crying out loud, release Epic didn't even have cloud saves which is a feature lots of players use. Shouldn't be surprised that people aren't going to warmly receive something that makes their overall experience worse.

  36. No, it doesn’t matter who wins it, the tournament is tainted

  37. Meh, if T1 wins then I think everyone is gonna accept that. They're by far the team most screwed by this. If RNG wins people are (potentially rightfully if the artificial ping really isn't working) gonna call the tournament rigged and it'll be shit on constantly.

  38. If this is true then that would be a HUGE story. Should just have China play on 35 and everyone else on LAN. This is already giving a consession anyway, since most teams would just be discualified if unable to show up to LAN.

  39. Yep. Competitive integrity can no longer be an argument if artificial ping is in any capacity worse than regular ping, and the team at a disadvantage in that case should be the one that is refusing to attend in person.

  40. I think if they crush anivia the draft is certainly much weaker, this is where I think g2 is better at piloting the draft than eg would be. But I've always conceded the true giga gap this game was in mid. I think with a strong anivia you can't do what you described- Gwen pyke and Graves ignore karthus ult, anivia has egg.

  41. In all fairness, shutting down Anivia would be a lot easier if the early game favored bot lane actually exploited their early game advantage rather than going even while Pyke somehow got roams off. But even with Anivia doing well G2 lack engage, so whichever team makes it to dragon first is generally gonna be able to take it. You can't Anivia poke people out fast enough to stop a dragon take. And with how this game went that's G2. Karthus doesn't just need to randomly hit R just whenever either, so it's not like that one will always be functionally nullified. At some point once all the dragons are taken you get a Nauti ult into Aatrox + Karthus flashing in with Samira R cleaning up the fight.

  42. I'm not sure I agree botlane wins lane - pyke is really hard for nautilus to catch, and zeri has a great dash.

  43. I think Nautilus should at least have prio. Zeri+Pyke basically shouldn't be able to touch Samira so he can let her 1v2 whenever, so mid shouldn't just get a free lane.

  44. the moment the baron dance happened with inhib down, ryze and aatrox had tp, iirc G2 had no tps, just tp into the wave and ryze ult the minions into nexus turrets and flip it while karthus suicides and tries to cancel backs with his passive + ult with the rest. Fck, I was so scared they could have stolen the game away at that point but looked like they didn't even see the play

  45. That play was never really viable. Gwen had TP up until she went to Baron to just take it, and at that point Aatrox was dead and Karthus didn't have R, so they'd have to try and stall backs 5v3 against infernal.

  46. Also having Karthus with another mage is a pretty troll move. You're just begging the enemy to stack magic resist

  47. G2 would've had to draft a tank into Aatrox to really make use of that, so it really wasn't a bad pick at all tbh.

  48. its their tournament, they can switch the rules around however they need

  49. There's no reason to believe the relevant government (Korea) did anything like that.

  50. I will give DeSantis credit for always looking busy. He's always doing something compared to other governors that you never hear about. Then again, the media is about as obsessed with him as they were with Trump. You can see the dollar signs in there eyes as every breath or fart from that man get's nationwide coverage.

  51. DeSantis seems to have figured out how to game the media similar to Trump. Do something to piss off the activist left without doing anything that comes across as too reasonable to the center and then ride the free publicity train.

  52. That play was completely stupid, of course people will laugh at it

  53. Yeah, it's got nothing to do with the region doing it, it's just that watching a pro do something that would be considered reportable in a Bronze game is fucking hilarious.

  54. Every system has misinformation. Liberalism is unique in that it provides people the opportunity to not be misinformed by allowing for a broad variety of sources of information and leaving the populace free to determine for themselves what is true and false whereas in other systems misinformation is not a choice or an accident, it is a mandate.

  55. it's always been known.. like since season 3. I played her back in season 4 and we all knew about the animation cancel.

  56. Riven was released in late S1.

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