1. The trend to ignore the international market was part of the tiger tradition before AA.

  2. Dang. This didn't clear much up for me. Appreciate the opinions and insight though. Have until tomorrow to figure it out.

  3. A fool and his emotional support truck...

  4. Not sure how well thought out this idea, as I would guess some people and maybe even the police would frown upon recording video while driving.

  5. Right!! I was upset and wanted to go back and try to figure out if a staff member took it or if the person was still there because it was such a short period of time that I couldn't believe it was gone. They told us the waitress just gave the manager the hat and someone went up there literally 2 minutes later and asked for a hat like the one we just left? Unlikely. It had to have been a staff member. But my boyfriend is nice and stopped me from going back in and so I'm venting here and they won't ever see this.

  6. Venting here is definitely better than the American way. You know. Buy a gun and a bunch of ammo.

  7. Have the basic courtesy to clear the snow on the roof! Don’t put the drivers and the pedestrian at risk. And you know people who can’t be bothered to clear their roof,drive recklessly. You’re the snowflake!

  8. Is that why you don't wipe your ass after you poop?

  9. Well poop doesn't melt, so that is not the reason. I don't wipe my ass after I poop for other reasons.

  10. Obviously a few things wrong with this email she sent. Will say though over the last few years I have often wondered if the American flag itself and what it represents was being hijacked. Unfortunate but it sure seems like people frown any any association with the American flag. Probably a topic/discussion for a different forum.

  11. There was a guy in the bushes moaning but I’m not sure he had his eye on the polls.

  12. I might imagine that after the moaning, the guy may have had some stuff in his eye.

  13. Consistent with clinical standards of practice...

  14. Already regulations in the state constitution? Would it be fair to say or suggest that clinical standards and practices change and evolve in many ways over time?

  15. http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-722-903

  16. Just seems simple to include or exclude any part of the population very clearly thru the simple defining of "individual" as used in the content being voted for or against with proposal 3. The verbiage used in this act doesn't seem to reference MFL-723-903.

  17. The Pump House in Rockford and at Studio Park makes them … lots of examples on their Instagram pages

  18. Outstanding. I really appreciate this info. More options than I was aware of last time I tried by just making random calls to ice cream shops.

  19. Alger Hardware has an agreement with Mooville and does have ice cream cakes. They sl ice cream in summer and did cakes last year.

  20. Appreciate the feedback. Will give them a call or stop by to check it out. At one point last year, I believe I called around a bit and had no success, so ended up with coldstone. Hoping to try something different.

  21. I think you’re projecting, because writing and venting are very therapeutic. What better place to do it than the void of the Reddit server banks. Obviously, this act will not quiet the neighbors, genius. And this “open letter format” is literally the idea that built the site you are using. Open posts, no character limit, for discussion.

  22. Agree with this. I really don't think this person feels this is going to solve the issue. Seems to me venting can be ok. Suppose the alternative would be hold everything in and buy an automatic gun and a bunch of ammo right.

  23. I guess I have never viewed this topic in much detail, but I have kind of simplified it to a lot of decisions that can and will be made in a five ior seven game season are different than what is a 162 marathon season. The mental aspect baseball relies upon for success or failure I would think is also magnified in the playoffs, but. It sure how mental aspects can be quantified statistically. There is a lot of time to think while playing the game.

  24. Not saying it's the best or worse, but I have been playing in a 16-team, four keeper league for 30 years. Mostly with same cast of owners. I find it very entertaining in a lot of levels. Also find that I really have a difficult time adjusting player value and such when I draft in a much smaller league. My brain is so wired to a big keeper League and balancing short term player value with long term player value is difficult for smaller, non keeper leagues.

  25. Are the stats or what's on the billboard not factual? I have no idea. Haven't seen it or anything. Just wondering if the facts or stats themselves are incorrect.

  26. They are cherry picked to represent a specific position that a wider view of the data would not support (I'm basing this on the claims on

  27. Ok. I guess I get what you are saying, but this practice has happened often. Like recently the whole Covid pandemic seemed to use this practice in different ways depending on which "side" of the fence one was on. I do find it interesting how factual statistics and numbers can be applied.

  28. It’s a medical procedure that has medical risk and will forever subject the woman to judgement by people…or at least feel like it.

  29. I haven't suggested anything like this...claiming an abortion as "birth control". So maybe this is a reply to another comment by someone else. My question was why an abortion is "never an easy choice". Simple as that.

  30. You didn’t need to. It’s the logical conclusion from whether or not it’s an easy choice. You may have not said that it’s a form of birth control, and you may not think of it that way - but it’s the way it’s potentially read.

  31. Colonoscopy maybe off the top of my head. Guess I was referencing medical procedure in general and not invasive versus non invasive. Not sure I have ever differentiated based on that criteria.

  32. I just tried to find a pay phone so I could call and ask a friend where I could buy the Grand Rapids press.

  33. Whitmer by far. Dixon is a rambling unfocused puppet repeating illogical rhetoric with flawed logic.

  34. Illogical rhetoric with flawed logic. That kind of sounds cool. No idea what it means but like the flow of it.

  35. It’s sad you don’t know what it means. It’s redundant, but not confusing.

  36. I don't think you need a comma between "redundant" and "but".

  37. Larry Walker has the highest single season average since 1998 with his .379 average in 1999. Since we all know batting average is the most important stat, clearly he is the best player of all time. Using your super legit and meaningful two year sample criteria, we combine his .379 in 1999 with his .363 in 1998 to get .371. The highest 2 year batting average of anyone since real baseball began in 1998.

  38. I thought runs batted in is the greatest stat followed by saves. Of course Juan soto believes base on balls is the sign of greatness as evidenced by his bat flips that follow ball four on occasion.

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