Barbara commuting 4th degree murder here.

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  1. If she was using this as an audition to come back she failed miserably.

  2. What do you mean come back? She’s just on pause remember? According to Andy she still technically a housewife or some bullshit like that. It is so sad watching her desperately try to get back on that television show after she single-handedly ruined her own reputation. You know she took like zero accountability for the way she treated people. I mean look at how she treats guests in her home. I would never and I don’t give a fuck if I had the fanciest house or the shittiest hellhole, I would never give my guests a list of rules they can follow other than please don’t burn the place down.

  3. I would rather Rhode Island falls into the sea than become part of CT

  4. Man I got a shirt with a bunch of dicks on various forms. Like a popsicle divk. Even a Jesus dick. And no one in my conservative town says shit unless they like it. But there's like 20 different cartoon dicks on it.

  5. This. On the channel "Not just bikes" discusses that in American zoning its illegal to build middle housing. On top of that we keep building suburbs instead of mixing commercial with residential making areas walkable, infrastructure cheaper, and create overall more value.

  6. I think some of the suburb stuff has to come with the old idea that wealth is showing how much lawn that you have. If you have a nice flat lawn and it’s big and everybody can see how big your flat lawn is, well then it shows you have a lot of money - ie look at me, I don’t have to grow my own vegetables! It’s a status symbol - cut your grass, kids running around, 2 car garage and no victory gardens

  7. The suburb stuff comes with the idea that you buy a plot of land that appreciates in value and when you retire you sell it for a profit. More important you use it to take out loans for other things that appreciate before you sell them (cars, boats maybe, home improvement). It gives you leverage. Everyone wants the leverage, now they’re making it impossible to get so you’re stuck forking over a third of your earnings to the landlords. Pure feudalism.

  8. I absolutely agree. That’s why we (my husband and I) don’t speak to either of them anymore.

  9. This situation happened to my dad and one of his brothers. His brother married a woman that really none of the family liked, even before they got married she was judgy of us and rude in a way and definitely didn’t like kids (and this is a huge kid family). The funny thing was like my grandparents weren’t poor by any means - my grandfather was the vice president of a very important company - and so it’s not like they were hurting for funds or anything. She was just a flat out bitch. When they got married, she moved him across the country and they rarely (if ever) came home and his relationship became strained with his siblings. Cut to today and he’s dying of cancer and nobody wants to fly out there and nobody wants to deal with it because he was so awful and his wife is so awful to us, that we kind of just threw our hands up in the air and said OK, you don’t wanna be our family anymore than you don’t have to be. Sometimes you have to do that and it sucks. I totally understand what you’re going through and I’m sorry.

  10. first I want to say that I'm so sorry that your family too has had to endure a situation like this.

  11. God, I would give anything to be a man. I’m so sick of treading on thin ice around men who are little better than pigs when I’m not there

  12. Right? I’m sick and tired of worrying the fact that I might say something or give some guy a look or I don’t know just being the vicinity of somebody who’s having a bad day and also has a penis so he feels like it’s completely OK to take it out on me. I literally asked my friend if I could have brass knuckles sent to her house because I don’t feel safe and we can’t have them in my state. So now I have to go to a different state to pick them up. Because who knows who’s gonna attack me for just wanting to exist.

  13. !!!! Exactly. The types of men who play dumb about “empathy” vs “opinion” are the same ones to ask women “oh, so we can hit you now?” in any discussion about equality.

  14. Gross. Companies have more than enough money to help out there “associates in need”. The other day I was at my dispensary and I went to put a tip in the tip jar and the guy behind the counter was like “no no no don’t do that!” And I looked at them confused - because that money doesn’t actually go to the staff, it just goes back to the corporation. And like what the fuck.

  15. I do appreciate a good Brandy being drunk moment, the dinner party from hell, in my humble opinion, goes down as one of the greatest moments and house lives history ever. And no other moment from housewives will ever emotionally fulfill you. Know that.

  16. i meant before all this- weve never disagreed before. but yeah i agree and i feel very uncomfortable being around him knowing he thinks like that

  17. You’ve never disagreed before, because he’s never had to show you who he truly is. You now know that he is a person who will not fight for the same rights that you and your partner have. Well rights that are being taken away like apparently every other month now. Honestly, at this point in time I would find a new family because this shits just going to get worse and he is not gonna be an ally to you at all

  18. Did he do something wrong on Twitter? Because that’s why you report there. Reporting for anything else is actually against ToS. You should report him on his original platform, TikTok

  19. You are severely underestimating Peyton Leutner. That young woman is so inspiring and brave. Obviously, she shouldn't have had to go through any of this. But to act like her life is over is honestly disgusting. Give her more credit.

  20. I think sometimes I forget that it’s been 10 Years since this happened. Because in the last 10 years I haven’t really talked about it much - there’s an occasional conversation here and there about what happened and people are still in shock that it could and did. So that’s on me.

  21. It will never be enough for them. If they cared at all, change would have happened a long time ago. It’s disgusting.

  22. Yup that article is exactly what started my inner spiral about this topic.

  23. Heartbreaking. When will it be enough dead kids to make the gov’t actually do what’s necessary to put the protection of children ahead of gun laws and kickbacks from manufacturing companies (& the NRA).

  24. Great thank you! We will try not to step in. Is there anything we can say like ‘hey it’s okay to Come to us for help if you need?’

  25. I would say in the instance that you are not going to be around her or in a different room, it would be OK for her to have her cell phone on her, I know some parents are very anti-cell phone, but that way if she needs you to come up she can text you immediately or you can send her a text saying hey do you need us. I’m currently working for first-time parents and I had to explain to them that yes there are some days where I might need you, but nine out of 10 of them I won’t so please don’t come rushing into the room when your child gets upset. It’s sets the bond that I’m trying to make with her back back. Being able to shoot a quick text (on both ends) has been great for the new WFH situations.

  26. I’ve been doing this for twenty years and kids under a certain age still spend the first week (and sometimes longer if the parents keep coming in to see why they are upset) crying.

  27. Because they don’t actually read the Bible. They believe in American Republican Jesus, who fought during the Bowling Green massacre with the Gravy Seals, Meal Team Six.

  28. Agreed. He was always garbage. 9/11 was the best thing to happen to him. Prior to that his ugly divorce was daily front page news in NYC local papers for nearly two years. He was the moron that built NYC emergency services office inside the World Trade Center, the most likely target of any terrorist attack. That is something few seem to recall and an excellent example of his perpetually defective thinking.

  29. I was going to comment something similar. He’s always been the worst, if 9/11 didn’t happen his true colors would have still been showing and people would know more about how truly terrible he is.

  30. Years and years of conservative radio pumped directly to these people and we think a Reddit post is going to change their minds. When we talk of action you are not wrong - we need to start getting to them where it counts, the newspapers, radio shows, and local news channels.

  31. The mileage reimbursement rate is meant to cover all vehicle costs including routine maintenance.

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