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  1. We got Irish people in here!? You can really find us anywhere

  2. Not too surprised, F1 is growing in popularity here since DTS.

  3. The thing about Horner is that he's good at shit stirring. Jos is a piece of shit, Nelson is a racist (who is unfortunately being tied to Red Bull because of his connection to Max) and Marko just says random stupid shit that even makes RB fans cringe. Horner is actually able to throw digs that get under people's skin making him the guy you love to hate, while also coming across as intelligent when he speaks seriously about the cars and racing.

  4. I like to imagine my Lewis Hamilton wearing a tuxedo t-shirt because it's formal, but I like to party and I also like my Lewis to party.

  5. Wait, what did Grogu do to get there in the first place?

  6. I'm not a woman but I have a sneaking suspicion that your personality is a deal breaker for all women.

  7. Lmao. Being a single mom is indicative of making poor decisions in the past or of being promiscuous. Not only that, but dating a single mom comes with all the responsibilities of being a father to a kid that has no biological relation to you. You’ll be hard pressed to find a guy who would rather date a single mom as opposed to a single woman. It’s unattractive. If you’re raising another man’s kid then its biological cuckoldry. Having a kid does not make a person lesser, but being a single mom makes a woman less desirable on the dating market. Just like how shorter guys are less desirable than taller guys. Its just comes down to how we evolved to select for mates.

  8. Bruh I have met people without children that have made more poor life decisions than single parents. I understand that most people rather date a person without kids, myself included being honest, but that does not make it a problem for someone who does. Not to mention some people are single parents because they were with abusive partners and got out because they didn't want their child to live in an abusive household.

  9. Max being dragged into this is stupidest thing ever. And the worst thing of all is that there’s no good way out for him, either he does speak out and will have trouble with his girlfriend and her family. Or he doesn’t speak out and will be accused of being a racist by the toxic f1 stans. He has time and time again shown he’s above his father and father in law, and nothing points at that he shares the same beliefs, yet on twitter there is an entire anti-max campaign going…max has nothing to do with this and he’s in a really tight position right now with no good escape. All he can do is hope this blows over soon and that he doesn’t get dragged into it even more by the media.

  10. Not saying this is proof of Max not being racist, but there was the time where Lewis got penalty points on his super licence over something and Max said in a press conference beside Lewis that it was ridiculous. Here's the video below, not saying it's proof that he's not a racist, but it shows that he definitely has respect for his fellow racing driver.

  11. You know you're tired when you see "Jet Pack Russell"

  12. Yo mista white, right on but I'm all pumped out from Jane to!

  13. P-P-P-Poker Face F-F-F-Fuck Her Face ~Lady goo goo ga ga

  14. Holy shit, I always heard it that way but never realised she actually says that

  15. Well, not so much craft, but Duvel is good. Leffe is average.

  16. Personally never liked Leffe, had one a few months before I went to Belgium and gave me a bad impression. Oh how wrong I was.

  17. Fuck that sub. I'm pro-choice and left wing but the mods on that sub are power hungry egomaniacs.

  18. Top Gun: a movie well known for how not gay it is.

  19. I remember the first time I saw that film and thought to myself "that South Park episode makes a lot of sense now"

  20. Lightyear bombed more lilely because

  21. lol I’m sure you both walked out and said “Wow! That was soo much FUN!”.

  22. Trying nice food in a social setting can be fun. I went out for dinner with my girlfriend the other day while on holiday. Great food and great service in a nice place, so yes, that was so much fun.

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