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  1. I didn't mean it to be, it's actually a memeification of a classic joke about the similarities and differences between Dominicans and Jesuits.

  2. Stand up more squared, you are standing in a bladed stance, if you keep your leg like that you will get leg kicked into the shadow realm.

  3. They sell this exact chessboard in Mexico, they claim it is made by mayan artisans, but do not be fooled, they are mass produced and not very expensive.

  4. well a hobby requires skill, you just buy things and still look dumb

  5. I remember this episode. Both are artificial women.

  6. Unpopular opinion here: If done correctly, stances shouldnt hurt the knees. Most karateka who complain about knee pain are doing their kihon wrong. Also, these injuries may occur because people neglect their strength and conditioning routine.

  7. I have a question too. Do karateka always fight in ai hanmi? Ever gyaku hanmi?

  8. By gyaku-hanmi you mean with the hip twisted to the opposite side? I mean, there are no rules against it, I just don’t see why would anyone want to do that.

  9. I understand it to mean same stance (ai hanmi) or reverse stance (gyaku hanmi). It doesn’t matter which foot is forward, just whether your stance mirrors or reverses that of your opponent.

  10. Yes! Karate accounts for that. What you are describing is open stances and closed stances.

  11. Try to push your butt backwards in a straight line, if that makes any sense. The KB is like a cannonball and you want to push it forwards. If done correctly you should feel activation in the back of the leg. When the bell reaches height and wants to stop, contract core and glutes. This is what we call “kime”. Relax and let the bell swing back to between your legs.

  12. Kihon is fine. There were a couple times where you messed the back foot in kokutsu-dachi, take care of that little detail. Also, check your feet in kiba-dachi stance, they should be parallel to each other.

  13. Hip is closed. In that position the hip should be open.

  14. Hanged is for a person, hung is for an object. It's a weird ass rule

  15. English is not my first language, lol, but will keep in mind. Thx

  16. I really can’t tell if they are trolling or if they are serious.

  17. Summer is crazy hot where I live. Skirts and shorts are 100% the way to go. Fuck pants. Roma Aeterna

  18. In my headcannon, Demi was crazy too much for Rockhold to handle. Let that sink in.

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