1. I am open to all white wines. Chardonnay is the usual one that I have tried. Nothing specific.

  2. Is it a gift? Something to have with a specific meal? Or to drink alone?

  3. A guy I know coaches at the Terenure Badminton Club. If you do have to be a member, afaic it's cheap to join.

  4. That's great! I wouldn't mind Terence badminton club. Would you be able to give more details about it?

  5. New gen ( PS5/ Xbox S/X ) has different animations & features that old gen (PS4/Xbox One) doesn’t have. AcceleRATE for example is a new gen feature not available on old gen. you get Lengthy, Controlled, Explosive and you can apply chem styles to change certain players to a different type. Probably find a better explanation on YouTube.

  6. This will do for me. Thanks for this. Also does this apply to PC as well?

  7. Been using perisic and he has been good. Cancelo is also a beast.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Going with ikea's KLUBBSPORRE. Highly appreciate 🙏

  9. King's Head is usually good for games on a big screen.

  10. You don't get the rewards. I was grinding 10-12 matches only later to realise nothing was added. Feeling pretty dumb and shit right now.

  11. I am getting the same issue. And I can't complete any objectives and milestones due to this. EA are seriously taking a piss out of us. This is so frustrating.

  12. 85+ 10 player pack. Or is there anything in particular you are looking for?

  13. I did all those. Got nothing lol. I think I need a better striker so was thinking of doing butrageño or torres. But was also seeing my midfield could use a better cdm so was thinking about doing Fernandinho. I only have enough to do one sbc though. What do you think?

  14. Your attack is good for the game now. I guess there is another 85+ players pick that might get released today. See if you could get lucky there and get more fodders. Fernandinho would be a great addition to your squad. He is not very tall for CDM but ticks all other boxes.

  15. What are you interested in? Art, nature, culinary, history, architecture,....

  16. Hi. I am interested in nature, architecture and history. This would be a 5 Days trip for me and I was hoping to cover most of the places which have easy access to public transport.

  17. The last game I picked up and Haven't been able to put down - Helldivers, it's a hardcore twin stick shooter with local drop in/out Co op and it's just incredibly chaotic and satisfying to play. Space Crew also came out with a big update, would strongly recommend that and Bomber Crew, although that's a bit more difficult, don't let the kid aesthetic fool you, those games are intense!

  18. Thanks for the suggestions guys! It's good to know there are alternatives and new ways to make things happen.

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