1. This looks like part of the set from Better Call Saul.

  2. I think this philosophy could be called ‘determinism’. It’s just the outcome determined for me.

  3. OMG this happened to a friend of mine too… but the outcome was more …er.. paste-like.

  4. YTA. You’re doing the easy bit… like 5% effort.

  5. Y’all putting out some scary Handmaid Tale vibes

  6. C’mon man… I’ve been refused entry for being fat and ugly.

  7. But watch them call it something like the AFL Development League.

  8. You might be forgetting about the 6-18months of pain while waiting for a spot in the public system. That might be worth something too.

  9. So if I make 2/3 of the money.i should pay 2/3 of the mortgage and utilities? I'm not opposed to this . For everything else how does that work, am I expected to pay 2/3 of all expenses or does it stop at living costs.

  10. I started doing this with my SO. I pay 65% of the bills, she pays 35% of the bills.

  11. Yeah, this is the word they use in the TV production world.

  12. Call them and ask what the review appeal process is. Tell them the basis for the appeal is that you have new information.

  13. Sorry - I didn’t know if the fucking swearing would be problematic!

  14. NTA. Dogs aren't allowed inside, that's it. She pretty much describes the cliché of a chihuahua owner.

  15. The chihuahua is a recent acquisition, and tbh, it’s beginning to make me worried she’s turning into one of those people.

  16. That time I bought a new car. And used finance to do it. Then lost my job. Got a new job, but it paid less. Had to extend the loan period. Maaan.. never again.

  17. FINALLY! Someone actually does a HMB. I was beginning to wonder if this sub was figurative, not literal. Mods should consider banning anything without a hold-my-something.

  18. Come to Melbourne. We’re 10% friendlier cunts.

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