AITA For telling My Sister It's Creepy to Be Jealous Of Me and Pretend Her Doll Is Her Child?

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  1. What is Swancore and how is it related to post-hardcore, Dreamo, and prog? Genuine question

  2. Swancore is basically the sound that bands on the Blue Swan label implement, which mostly comes down to the noodly guitar playing of Will Swan, high clean vocals with shouty screams, and complex drums. To me it’s like a combination of the Mara Volta and the late 2000s post-hardcore bands. It’s definitely a hardcore subculture, you can trace the influences of Swancore bands all the way back to post-hardcore bands like At the Drive-In, Refused, and Drive Like Jehu, and from there directly back into hardcore itself. I would say a lot of the Swancore bands main prog influence is the Mars Volta, but the real influence that gives them that proggy sound is math rock. I personally don’t like it, which is weird, because in theory I should. I love prog. I love post-hardcore. I love mathrock. I think the main problem is that Swancore is attached to my leas favorite era of post/hardcore, which is the 2010s era, very much the boy bands with breakdowns era where post-hardcore and metalcore were very intrinsically linked. I also think that once you’ve heard one Swancore band, you’ve heard them all. There are standout songs here and there, but overall, if I put on a playlist of Swancore bands, I get ear fatigue very quickly. It’s sort of like Polyphia where I can acknowledge they’re talented and that the music is well-written, but I lost interest after thirty seconds. To me, Swancore has a really sterile, inert, lifeless quality. Even when it’s high energy something is missing. I think it’s just a little too divorced from its roots. But you know, who am I? I can at least acknowledge that it is objectively well-written and complex music, if nothing else.

  3. My plan for this story is not to make money off it, while this would definitely be an honour for me to have, it's not my goal, my goal is simply to let people find comfort in the worlds I create, especially when times are troubling like they were the last couple years. That's why I plan on publishing it online for everyone to read. But it's also the reason I'm conscious about using elements of cultures my ancestors oppressed, especially because Germany did even more bad things in the past. While I'm not like that and do not like to be lumped in a hive with these people because I can do nothing for my nationality and the past, it's definitely understandable that it could hurt people and this is the complete opposite of what I want to do with my story. If this story ever gets published and gets me to pay my bills, I want to at least donate part of the money I'd make with the story to charity, in this case definitely charity in order to protect indigenous people who still get oppressed to this day.

  4. It seems like you have the right intentions. Couple it with the right research and you’ll be fine.

  5. There is no non-fantasy way of justifying this. If castles could have worked against cannons in a way that wasn’t cost-prohibitive, we would have many more castles. If you have trolls, you can introduce another element that makes castles viable, but chasing a realistic solution is pointless. The history of warfare has always favored what worked best.

  6. I’ll throw in my two cents, but I am not a fan of the superhero genre, so do take it with a grain of salt.

  7. You’re fine on the legal front, but keep in mind that while Haverdash the brand won’t sue you, people will definitely associate this race with haberdashery, which is term for a maker of clothing accessories or a seller of fine clothes.

  8. Try implementing some basic operant conditioning. Break what you want down into what you are currently able to achieve, then reward yourself for doing it. Let’s say you can focus for fifteen minutes. Write for fifteen minutes the reward yourself for doing so. Keep that up for a week, then try twenty minutes. If you can’t focus for the full twenty minutes, don’t reward yourself. If you can, do. Keep repeating this process as necessary.

  9. Davey Havok. Obviously AFI is not overrated, they’re probably the most successful post-hardcore band, and they really only have a couple of post-hardcore albums, but I digress. Davey’s voice is very unique and I can understand why people might not like it, but as a vocalist, he is top notch. He’s one of only a handful of guys that can really cover the entire spectrum from low to high and sound good, and his harsh vocals are also really good. I don’t love the like, early screamo/almost black metal scream he used on Decemberunderground, but his harsh vocals on Sing the Sorrow are great. What’s really impressive are his vocals in XTRMST. Not to mention he’s in his mid-40s now and probably stronger than ever vocally.

  10. He doesn't really do post-hardore these days since Reuben split but Jamie Lenman of Reuben. Dustin of Thrice also deserves mention

  11. Dustin is an insane vocalist. People don’t often realize it because Thrice has kind of a laid back sound for a post-hardcore band, especially starting with Vheissu, and the way their music is mixed doesn’t overemphasize his vocals. He’s one of the vocalists where you don’t realize how difficult the stuff he does is until you try to sing it. I’m a former vocal teacher, and I used to shove Dustin down all my students throats. He’s one of the rare singers that really has it all. Resonant low range, full mids, a strong falsetto, and good highs. He isn’t really thought of as a high singer the way that Anthony Green is, especially since he doesn’t emphasize his upper register too often in his song writing, but he can definitely get up there. And he also has an excellent, healthy scream. Very rare to find a vocalist who has all of that.

  12. Somewhere between YTA and ESH. Or rather, everyone here is mildly an asshole. You could have just cooked the eggs to make your wife happy, and she could have recognized that you had already done a lot. If you had said, look, I just made all this stuff, I’m tired and hungry and would like to eat some of this while it’s still hot, can I make you the eggs in a few minutes, or could you just make your eggs, different story. You saying, “Nah, I’m finished” however… sounds like you may be a bit of a twat. Also, shame on both you and your wife for this family time nonsense. There is no faster way to make your children resent you than by arbitrarily monopolizing their time. Just let them live their lives and when they want to spend time with you they will, and that time will be much more meaningful. Alone time with your children individually is much more important than forcing everyone to hang out together for half of a day when they only really have two days to themselves. Trust me, if you keep this up, it will damage your relationship with your children, especially if they have actively expressed that they don’t enjoy this time and you’ve ignored them. Once your daughter leaves the nest, you’ll be lucky if she reaches out to you for any reason other than to ask you for something.

  13. Imagine a concert with Saosin, Circa Survive, Anthony Green, and L.S Dunes.

  14. Throw in the Sounds of Animals Fighting, High and Driving, and Zoloft the Rock and Roll Destroyer too.

  15. It’s a lot easier to have a good book with an emotionally satisfying ending and no plot twist that a good book with a plot twist and no emotionally satisfying ending. Still, as many have said, these are not mutually exclusive.

  16. Foo Fighters is a pioneer hardcore punk band lol

  17. Yeah, everyone knows it was Black Flag, Minor Threat, and Foo Fighters who really launched the DIY hardcore scene.

  18. If you really wanted to piss people off you should have listed Refused or Earth Crisis as Swancore.

  19. YTA. It sounds more like you are desperately trying to convince yourself that you made the right choices and the only outlet you have for making yourself feel better is regressing to your high school bully state where you made fun of girls who didn’t adhere to your bullshit ideals of what it is to be a woman. Congratulations, you peaked in high school/college and managed to find a man to support your bland existence in exchange for rearing his children. You’re not unique. You’re not successful. You’re living the same unremarkable life as millions of other people. I couldn’t throw a lasso in my neighborhood without catching fifty exact clones of you. That would be fine if you didn’t try to come after the rest of us when you’re feeling down. Let’s talk in seventeen years when the nest is empty (assuming you haven’t had a few more by then) and you never developed yourself as a person.

  20. You’re NTA, but don’t listen to the people telling you to lawyer up and sue now. If you want to go the legal route, do consult a lawyer, ask for their advice on how you should proceed. In the meantime, what I would recommend is sending an email to HR saying something along the lines of: “We spoke recently about my supervisor, Insert Name Here, referring to me as Jessica Rabbit because we are both sexy redheads. I was told that nothing would be done about this because that is just the way he is. Is that the Human Resources Department’s official response to this matter? If so, I would like a copy of the incident report and a list of the steps taken, none in this case, to correct this issue.”

  21. It is nerve wracking because it is seen as trash done by children who are learning to write, self insert fantasies for cringe monsters who will never try to improve themselves, or low grade porn for deviants and perverts. You even feel this way to some degree, so it is nerve wracking. You are also putting yourself out there to be judged.

  22. This is extremely accurate. Anyone with the slightest degree of social sense would be wary about sharing something like that because of its reputation.

  23. This is either fake, or this person doesn't realize that they're trying so hard to be anti-racist that they've swung back over to tokenism, which is just racism with extra steps.

  24. I'm a quarter sure it's satire, a quarter worried it's true, a quarter polish, a quarter Catholic Muslim and a quarter maths genius.

  25. Chiodos. Craig Owens leaving was such a good thing. Their new vocalist wasn’t really amazing, but he was actually tolerable. Then I found out Thomas Erak was joining and I thought he would be doing vocals as well as guitar… and then Craig was back and released that super lame “let’s get to work” video. He’s also an intolerable person to be around.

  26. Really surprised seeing Secret and Whisper here. I saw them a few times probably around 2009 or so. The lead singer sounded perfect live. He even said afterwards at one show that he had a cold and his voice wasn't so good at the moment. I thought he did amazing.

  27. I never got the chance to see them live, to be fair, but all the videos I’ve seen of their live performances, he sang everything an octave power and had major pitch control problems. I guess it’s possible I just saw bad examples, but it definitely did not seem like he could perform their music outside of a studio setting. That was sadly common back in the late 2000s/early 2010s. The Great White Whale material is easier vocally, so maybe you saw them before they were touring Teenage Fantasy material. Charles was definitely an oversinger though, so it’s also possible that he wrecked his voice a lot during touring and I just only saw videos from when he was having bad days. I guess I have an excuse to go nostalgia trip on some S&W to find out now.

  28. In that scenario wouldn’t they … call the parent of the child to pick them up? I can’t imagine they’d willingly just let another person’s child go with social services and take a kidnapping charge on top of their felony shoplifting charge.

  29. If they believed the child wasn’t hers, yes, but if she insisted it was… I’m not saying I think it’s likely the child wasn’t hers, I was just saying that the person above probably didn’t mean that she stole a baby for this, but rather used a baby she had access to as a means of trying to avoid being caught. If that is what happened, then maybe she thought there was still a chance she could get out of it. If she admitted the kid was not, in fact hers, the whole charade falls apart. Not advisable, but neither is stealing makeup.

  30. If you are the point of panic and you call a friend and their answer is "Oh well" then you're not friends.

  31. If she were being begged to be picked up from a potentially dangerous situation, you would be correct. This is not what’s happening here. There are hundreds of people in her position who don’t have friends that can give them rides and still manage to make it on time. This is what happens when you consistently take people’s time for granted.

  32. Never said anything about her being the best friend. I said what he did wasn't what friends at all do. That there are times and places to hammer these moments down and this wasn't it.

  33. Agreed. There are things I like about both DAII and DA:I, but the writing just gets considerably weaker each time, especially in Inquisition. It’s like you can feel those BioWare layoffs. What really bothers me is how committed DA:I is to wasting your time. It’s bordering on like, MMO levels of nonsense. Not a coincidence that it feels a lot like playing a Ubisoft game. But the writing. For every moment that is good there are ten where you just have to wonder what they were thinking. The last battle in the main game has got to be the most egregious example of lazy plot convenience ever.

  34. I’ll have to check out Tyranny thanks!

  35. Tyranny is great, but it is committed to being gross. Not like, morally reprehensible or anything but literally describing the fetid smells emitting from characters and the lice crawling through their hair in vivid detail. It’s world is incredibly interesting and refreshing and the writing is amazing, which is to be expected considering Obsidian wrote it. Highly recommend. Just be prepared for some wild shit. If I had one critique I’d say they could dial the edge back like, three or four notches.

  36. Your dad is clearly a whacko. You’re at a normal weight but your dad is trying to micromanage your eating? Very strange stuff. How cool is he with you being trans? Because I would not at all be surprised if this were some weird retaliatory way of trying to enforce gender norms.

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