1. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a 4231 or 4222 often.

  2. I just don’t understand what he’s really done in the last 3 years to warrant an improved offer. He hasn’t been the same since Sane left. He doesn’t deserve Kevin/Haaland money.

  3. That's my point too, what exactly has he done over the last 2 years to warrant a contract close to the size of KDB or Haaland.

  4. I feel like our track record with Germans and ex arsenal players has always been pretty good too. I’d love Gnabry. Nkunku won’t leave this summer.

  5. Fitzpatrick is so impressive. What a shot.

  6. But can he do it playing with 5 players against 11, while the opponent's goal is protected by The Great Wall Of China and rules are changed so that every time you press high, you get a red card?

  7. Also if long range goals and only left footed shots count double we’d be second.

  8. Why is this thread posted so late? It’s 6pm in the uk

  9. Contrary to popular belief, if it’s Wednesday you can still comment on the Tuesday one.

  10. This all looks fucking exhausting, I know the players are used to this, but god damn that seems like a long few days 😂

  11. What the fuck is he doing here? Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to hit it right at the keeper in 1v1s? He will never adjust.

  12. Feels like there’s less commercials than usual.

  13. This feels really cringey and unnecessary

  14. That’s the uglisrvputter I’ve ever seen 😅

  15. I bet they’re going to let the players wear shorts.

  16. Am I the only one cranky that they don't show the full last name on the leaderboard? Im having a bloody mary and now I have to decipher last names.

  17. Yeah, that’s weird to me. There’s a lot of space to do it too.

  18. i just had a funny thought in my mid we sell Gabby because he wants to leave, Mahrez because of age/contract. Let Sterling start RW to convince him top re-sigh. Sign Gareth Bale as a stop-gap back RW to play UCL/Prem. Let Kayky, Palmer and Mcatee play cup games. Hopefully we also send Delap somewhere good to develop or even stay if we play Alvarez as an IF/SS

  19. Delap has no future here unfortunately.

  20. Wouldn’t mind selling walker and getting a replacement? He is getting a bit older now? Thoughts?

  21. He’s got another 2-3 years left. He’s our best defensive RB/LB

  22. Why are you here, mammy not got your jim jams for you yet you loner, billy no friends boo hoo.

  23. Legend. We would not have won the title last year without him.

  24. Do you ever put this on the cart? If so, do you have any rips or abrasions near the handle where the straps would go?

  25. He was the best player when we played them. So solid defensively and looked dangerous going forward.

  26. It makes me sad that people don’t know how to spell Dias’ name right after a few years here 😅

  27. Guys, member how Negredo and Aguero played together? I member.

  28. Have you seen how horrible we are whenever we play with Steffen? Doesn’t matter if we had 10 of the best ball playing players in the world, if the keeper is hoofing it up the field, it won’t matter.


  30. I'm being told Liverpool have won the quadruple for 21/22 after being awarded both the hearts and minds trophies in addition to carabao and fa cup!!!

  31. If long shot goals were worth double maybe they’d have a treble.

  32. Liverpool is really good at putting those silver medals on against Real Madrid.

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