1. If you were a bettor in the ufc I doubt you wouldn’t miss it. Thats why those who bet on ufc can see it and understand it.And I mean those hardcore ufc bettors really hardcore not casual 1-10$

  2. That's ridiculous, being a bettor doesn't give you some sixth sense to spot corruption. Only the hardcore fans are going to see it regardless of if they bet or not. You need to know the ins and outs of the sport to know if something isn't right. Some decisions might be written off as corruption, but those who follow the sport recognize when some judges are just incompetent.

  3. The twins were made because someone did the nasty with her. You can have kids without being in grief y’know

  4. Sometimes the grief comes first, sometimes it comes after.

  5. Yea DC needs to stick to making individual movies over trying to connect the universe. They rushed into everything way too quickly, but their standalone movies have largely been quite good. The Batman is one of the best superhero movies ever made

  6. I agree. These aren’t even competitive running shoes. Competitive running shoes are minimalist shoes with little cushion, basically slippers, and any competitive runner doesn’t run on their heels, rather run on the forward ball of their feet. Heel contact running/walking is bad for the knees, adds more friction as the whole bottom of the shoe makes contact with the ground, slows your forward momentum as the leg is forced to brace on the heel contact as well as increased friction, and doesn’t use gravity to assist in the motion. Moving on the ball of your feet is far more effortless as there’s less contact and less friction, and you’re only catching yourself by allowing gravity to pull you forward.

  7. Why do you know so much about shoe patents?

  8. If you are into running just a little bit, it's not like it's some secret. You see similar discussions about their respective interests in groups such as Wall Street bets or any of the PC gaming subreddits or any other sports subreddits.

  9. I much prefer the monoton look. Looks more modern and sleek. I don't want to drive by a strip center that looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.

  10. Yes. This was asked and discussed in the Discord about two weeks ago. They're currently in the works on a model point-based system that would help detect knees/push-up formation. But tl;dr, knees are currently acceptable.

  11. I wish I knew that before. That would have made things a whole lot easier.

  12. No it's not. There is literally a picture right next to it showing what it is. while it is intended more for Korean hand acupuncture, hence the acupressure component. There is nothing electronic about it like a piezo pen or battery powered pen shown in the instructions. I can't read Korean so I could be wrong, but the pictures do not depict that.

  13. When the cover is on, it's an acupressure tool for pressing into the point. Unscrew the cover and it's a lancet tool for blood letting. Put the lancet in it and press the button like a push pen and it quickly presses the lancet into the skin to draw blood.

  14. And why not? The hose is plenty strong enough to push the toad wherever you want it to go. Flush out the hole with enough water and the toad is going to come out with the excess water, then spray it away.

  15. Dude how are you so confidently wrong… like at least skim through the fucking video first to make sure you’re right to save yourself from the embarrassment lmao

  16. Makes sense, I like it. Hopefully it’s not for a while, Tony should take some more time off.

  17. Tony? I think you mean Dan. Dan has been put out to pasture so many times Tony actually has a legitimate chance of looking like the old tony this time.

  18. Even in the West very few people have even seen tobacco being chewed, mostly in cowboy films, never mind tried it

  19. Chewing tobacco is huge in the US, especially in the south and Midwest. It's not as noticeable and bothersome to other people so there is less of a stigma around it. Usually if you see somebody chewing tobacco the first thought is that it probably just gum.

  20. He was literally already looking up when the referee stopped it . He didn’t even look hurt or wobbled , could definitely have gone a bit longer .

  21. Falling face first to the canvas does not count as intelligently defending yourself.

  22. 💤 saying that fight was a robbery is such a low effort perspective. Cach didn't look great in that fight but neither did Kim. She's as mediocre as they come and that was a close fight where Cach was taking more risks and doing more damage.

  23. Close fights aren't robberies, but not all robberies are close fights.

  24. Have you looked at cadoo? It's specifically for making challenges and putting some money on the line to make it more interesting.

  25. I signed up for this challenge and noticed nothing was updating. Well obviously it doesn’t state what activity it is!! I know it’s not walking! What do you think cadoo will do in this instance? Am I out my bet? Or will they refund me

  26. Have you tried clicking on the other people's details to see what they did?

  27. It is mandatory to have the Covid vaccination to be listed with some transplant programs.

  28. Maybe some hospitals do say "mandatory", but usually it's called a recommendation. Basically it's a way around saying it's mandatory, but technically it's a recommendation. Because you don't HAVE to get it and they don't HAVE to list you, but if you follow their recommendations you will get listed.

  29. If you don’t have a choice than it’s not recommended, it’s mandatory. It was recommended to get a flu shot or Hep B vaccine while on dialysis, but you don’t have to and you still receive treatment. If you don’t get the Covid vaccine you’re off the list, not a choice.

  30. You do have a choice in if you want to get the vaccine or not. You want a kidney you have to get the vaccine. You don't want to get a kidney then don't get the vaccine. Nobody is forcing anybody to get the covid vaccination.

  31. It simply ties in with the $0.25 bonus you get for each participant that joins your challenge created.

  32. Oh, I didn't know about that promotion. That explains a lot. Maybe I should make my own now too...

  33. It seems like today there are so many more than usual.

  34. because he's a meat eating d-bag

  35. So just because somebody doesn't have the exact same beliefs as you then they are a d-bag? Isn't that the same mentally when people come to post about meat eaters criticizing them?

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