1. I buy Ouai fine hair shampoo and conditioner as well as the detox shampoo regularly from Target. Every bottle I have bought has been sealed under the cap.

  2. Clearfork Farmer’s market is Saturday from 8am-noon, right along the Trinity River. There is a city bike rental station if you are interested in biking the trail, but walking is also pleasant. The market is right beside Press Cafe, which is a very good brunch spot.

  3. My commute is 30 minutes. I work from 8:30-5:30; get home at 6 and make dinner. Eat dinner at 6:30 take a 1 hour break. Then study from 7:30-11 or 11:30. Then message my best friend for a bit, get ready for bed and go to bed at 12:30/1am.

  4. Wait you’re complaining about 8:30am start when you get home at 6pm? Lol go to bed earlier

  5. Wear it for a couple of hours and see how it looks. I almost always go a shade lighter because my skin oils will darken it up.

  6. Yes I agree. Especially since the closest match she says is L’Oréal and I have a horrible time with that brand oxidizing on me and becoming way darker/orange after a couple hours of wear

  7. Hi! When I was on 2015 YouTube, a bunch of influencers loved this one brand called Coastal Scents. They had a dupe for both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, called the Revealed Eyeshadow Palette. It has a bunch of similar shades from the OG Naked, but has more shimmers than mattes. The company is closed but they still are selling the Revealed palettes on Amazon, and have been getting rave reviews even from 2022.

  8. Wow this is like ideal!!! And it’s only $14! I’m definitely getting one to try. Thank you !!

  9. Also the current palettes color ranges are garbage compared to this imo. At least on my skin tone.

  10. I was billed on the 9th, got my tracking info on the 10th, and it was delivered on the 14th. It was definitely worth it!

  11. I have this in my cart right now. I own full size bottles of Gold, Moss and Velvet. I love them. Commodity is my favorite scent brand, I will probably gift the samples of the ones I own but I’ve heard great things about Milk in particular and Book was on my want list when I initially bought Moss (the first full size I bought). So I am excited to get a tester of the ones I don’t have.

  12. The ones that you own and like would be great to carry in your bag for touch-ups later in the day.

  13. Great idea!!! But I may end up gifting them to my mom as she is interested in trying more fragrances

  14. Wait didn't they find the monkey enclosure cut as well when they were looking for the escaped snow leopard like 2 weeks ago?

  15. That was a langur monkey (i think) and these stolen ones are tamarin monkeys. Different species.

  16. The dollar tree has "Rubbermaid" containers. 8 w x 16ish L x 2-3 inches tall. Clear with lid. We have 25 ( needed because 4000pcs just got crazy). We separate by shape or color when we first dump then go from there. The lid is nice, we have an Aussie who craves the sweet delicacy of puzzle pieces.

  17. LOL my Aussie has also eaten my puzzle pieces.. I don’t understand the appeal

  18. People have made some good suggestions, so far. I’m sorry you’re struggling OP! I’m not sure if it will be helpful, but on Reddit there is

  19. This made me really want the roundie!! Idk what I would use it for but it’s such a good size and nice color and pattern.

  20. She is very manic and is ver worried about the upcoming court date. Demanding God to show up for her. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thats not how it works. 🙄 She needs some serious mental help from real professionals. Someone who will tell her the TRUTH. Also Ch saying he has never said a cuss word ever. 🙄 He needs help also to know that his living situation with Mom is not normal at all.

  21. uber didnt send me a 1099 but i made gross 2500.. (only do it maybe a few hrs a week) idk if i need to report it

  22. Yes. You are supposed to report all of your income accurately. That doesn’t depend on whether or not you get a form for it.

  23. Oh god please don’t let Aurelia become a popular name for these people 😩 it’s been at the top of my girl name list for years!!

  24. Also had to look up “AMA” in this context. Anti vaxxers use “AMA” as “against medical advice”

  25. Not just anti-vaxxers. It’s a legit medical term used in hospital records when a patient refuses treatment or requests to be discharged sooner than advised, it’s a legal and insurance protection to have that recorded in charts.

  26. Had a friend leave the hospital AMA cuz her newborn baby had to be taken to another hospital by helicopter and she was following him.

  27. Apparently they are made out of recycled plastic, but that’s not really a novelty these days

  28. Oops; my bad. I forget that some people wait until customization.. i rabidly consume all info that comes out the second it comes out so I can plan ahead hahah

  29. Per Jamie on the forum, Katie Kime placemats have officially been added as a category 2 choice!

  30. The only Ari I know is actually named Aristomenes, which is a super cool name! I didn’t know Ariel was so common.

  31. I’m not sure the carafe will hold 3 glasses worth of liquid!

  32. I have the same carafe in a taupe color from Add ons from a previous box. It cannot hold 3 glasses of water. It’s quite petite. I love it for bedside if I wake up with a dry throat or something but if you’re really aiming to drink a lot of water this one isn’t it..

  33. Can anyone confirm the size of the Commodity fragrance from the product details? TIA! 😊

  34. Others have already answered that is it 1oz but just FYI — that is a FFF exclusive size. They do not offer that size for any other scents, and the gold expressive 1oz on their website is sold out. It’s most likely specially formulated for FFF.

  35. I think because either 1.) It was just different in other sims games in the original sims there was a more complicated cheat [I don't remember quite what it was], then in Sims 2 and 3 it was rosebud or motherlode the money Xamount (ex. Money 10000) didn't exist until sims 4 I think or 2.)alot of simmers don't know that specific cheat even exists at all...if it did exist in the others I wish I knew then ...

  36. Lol, rosebud!! The Sims 1 cheat my sister and I would put in rosebud:; and lay something heavy on the enter key and just walk away until we had tons of money

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