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  1. Selling one ticket to Prima LA! Got it back in 2019 when they first announced it so I’m just looking to get my money back, $200! I’m going to Portola SF the weekend after so I definitely need to get rid of this. Rock on!

  2. The Warning and MUNA are currently on my rotation.

  3. I’m obsessed with their new album and have W2 tickets and desperately need to see it live.

  4. same. going W2. super bummed I'm gonna miss them. fingers crossed for a stand alone show.

  5. Selling 2 3-day shuttle passes! They’re electronic so they can be sent immediately.

  6. Purple Disco Machine is going to be pure, unadulterated vibes

  7. came here to say this. seen him at Coachella , just amazing. not missing him at outside lands.

  8. I officially scammed him! Jk. For those that believed in me, if you’re in the South Bay Area, first round of drinks on me! :)

  9. I believed you and Im in the south bay area. 🍻

  10. Tons of instagrams have been getting hacked recently. This is probably the stuff they use them for.

  11. https://support.aclfestival.com/hc/en-us

  12. 29F - going with my group of festival buddies. party favors welcomed and lgbtq friendly.

  13. thanks for the recommendation. I ended up finishing the series via audiobook. I downloaded the first book after seeing your post (finished the last book about an hour ago. Had to come back here and leave a comment) your analysis was spot on for me. thanks again!

  14. yeah, can't listen to him without getting emotional motion sickness

  15. Haven't seen it yet (it's on my watchlist) but there's a movie about them called "Elisa y Marcela". Can stream it on Netflix!

  16. loved this series. found it recently while recovering from Covid. Highly recommend. I thought they did a good job of showcasing anxiety and PTSD without explicitly stating it.

  17. Don’t sleep on Pale Waves if you don’t know them. Their most recent record is killer.

  18. 100 agreed. one of my favorite bands right now.

  19. I first read this as "cheese board" when he started molding the pieces is when it finally clicked.

  20. That one is good, but I still think Bleeding Love was the best of that season.

  21. totally agree. loved that routine.

  22. Why can't we have any east coast festivals? ITS NOT FAIR

  23. Firefly, Governor's Ball, and Boston Calling are on the east coast. Recommend checking them out

  24. for sure. i have an extra firefly ticket if you're interested haha I'm going to Portola in San Francisco instead

  25. this lineup is amazing. count me in.

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