1. I'd be flattered if someone would wanna be stalking my ugly ass. They'd probably be wanting to murder me though.

  2. Idk why people are down voting this wtf.

  3. Depends on your point of view. Maybe they have a positive one. I personally have made peace with being a -10/10

  4. Making peace with something doesn't make it a blessing.

  5. Hey. I don’t know if anyone has EVER told you this, but it’s 100% okay for you to not want your partner to 1) go to strip clubs, 2) watch porn, 3) look at other women’s nudes, 4) flirt with others or 5) follow thirst trap IG and TikTok accounts. It doesn’t make you immature, selfish, “controlling,” or insecure. It’s valid to feel that way. I know it’s not the current bandwagon ideal, but it’s perfectly normal and fine to want a partner to be completely faithful, whatever that means to you.

  6. What parts of your body you don't like ?

  7. I am exactly the opposite of everything that is considered attractive.

  8. Really? Isn't it just that you have a child-sized head?

  9. I have had so many surgeries - five in total, including revision. The surgeries have made my eyes smaller. I've been to four specialists this year and none of them can help me.

  10. When I take three hours to get ready, I go from a 1 to maybe a 3. Lately I'm like, what's the point?

  11. I think that too a lot of times when I'm getting ready :((

  12. I think I must look even more deformed when he looks at me after seeing an actually decent looking person, be it with friends, in public, or on the screen.

  13. I felt like I was losing touch with myself :((

  14. I want to feel good when I see myself and I want him to feel good when he sees me. The feeling of never looking good enough for him is horrible.

  15. Ex-ugly to be? Does that make you an inverse ugly duckling case?

  16. The second result for that one is "being ugly is a blessing" and another one is "being ugly is a sin" xd

  17. I don't work out but I do run a lot. Idk what to vote ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  18. It's why I always keep my big ass glasses on.

  19. She has that mainstream Instagram look, which is not particularly attractive to me either, but is so by modern standards.

  20. "Is my aura emanating the ᴉns ɟo ǝpᴉɔ?" was the best thing I've read all day. Bless your heart indeed :^))

  21. Idk I feel like I’m too insecure to film a video with my face in it, maybe I’ll wear a mask and talk. I’ll think about it.

  22. Lots of ways to get around that. You can definitely talk without showing your face :P

  23. Thank you for making this, I hope you don’t take it down. It was very relatable and your voice is quite calming. I honestly have been thinking of making a video like this for myself too but I don’t have the courage for it.

  24. Do it!! It will be a new experience and open up new perspectives for ya :D

  25. If she’s ugly, I don’t want to know what kind of abomination I am. She’s cute.

  26. You kidding?? She's cute af! Look at these photos of her:

  27. I wish I could trade some features with you. You give me massive chin and small lips, I give you feminine chin and big lips.

  28. Yeah being a wide-boned woman sucks, nothing u can do 😕

  29. Just checked. According to the measurements, I'm small-boned. I'm just oddly proportioned.

  30. I'm not even wide-boned, I'm just built different ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  31. Not really. Why waste money on customizing a video game avatar when I could be saving it up to customize my actual face?


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