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  1. of course! best of luck next year and w functions!

  2. thank you! lets pray i could pass this year but if not then ill need the luck!

  3. i REALLY love the shiny obstagoons and the aggrons alot

  4. i found two gyms that were screwed up by the same two trainers

  5. They didn’t screw up lol. They just didn’t care and probably placed the first pokemon they liked as they were going by.

  6. sorry i didnt mean screwup as a harsh way ! ppl can put whatever they want in the gyms, i just referred screwup since the og post said.

  7. tl;dr in bold: since this is pretty long

  8. This is “normal”. You have to beat the raid with ~5-10 seconds left for the game to count it

  9. thank god cus i havent gotten a golem yet :’)

  10. i kept my 34 CP one to put in gyms but you can also use it to have as your buddy

  11. if i saw that i'd be out of bed running down the street in my PJ's to catch the damn thing.

  12. I caught a Salamence earlier; about 500 cp lol

  13. i wish i could say the same but the first one i tried to catch just took my golden razz, flipped me off and dipped

  14. This sub is so ungrateful, I’m so happy when I get even a 96%

  15. i didn’t mean this to imply I hated my altaria, I was just trynna crack a joke

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