1. Jeigu ka as sukuriau group chata cia reddite, nes buvo norinciu. Tai jeigu kas norit prisijungti pareplyinkit ir pridesiu, nes jau prisijunge pora zmoniu ❤️

  2. I love the mood so much and also those wings look gorgeous!

  3. Looks very cool! Very clean 🔥

  4. I hope you post this to NFS subreddit because it looks in line with Unbound's style. So amazing!!

  5. Nice to see people getting inspired by the art direction of Unbound. These designs looks really cool!

  6. Just click and drag the corner of the window to stretch it. Or double click the top bar to fit the screen. The real question is, why are you using Windowed in the first place?

  7. Oh, wait dragging it out actually worked tho those arrows don't appear which indicate that you are able to resize the window which is weird. Thanks for the help!

  8. Yeah, I tried dragging the corner but it doesnt work. I want to livestream this game and because I only have one monitor I want to see the chat and the obs window. Its a personal preference

  9. I cant seem to find you :( Maybe you made a typo?

  10. It works now. Followed you. cant wait to see more art from you! ❤️

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