Texas school district locked down on reports of shooter

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Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Niantic is listening to the wrong voices in its own company

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  1. Risking sounding dumb. But how do you finish all 4? Thought you had to choose only 1 of the 4?

  2. You do the 4 quests from earlier this season and you get a new one that has branching.

  3. I played a Battle Stadium game on n64 and if I can did up my DS' R4, there are probably 2 games on there.

  4. When I lived in So Cal there were cities where police would do drive homeless from "Nice" Cities and drop them off to worse cities

  5. "Hey buddy, you can't sleep outside this shop. You have 3 choices, pack up and move 1 city over, hop in the back and I drop you off at the shelter where there is a long line for a limited number of beds, or I drop you off at the bus stop and you catch a bus to downtown LA."

  6. Being part of a cheating sub will get you banned here.

  7. As someone that watched Newtown unfold literally 10 minutes from my house, this hurts alot.

  8. Flew home Thursday night for Winter break and Sandy Hook happened the next morning literally up the street from me.

  9. I’m going to a little bit scathing with this review since jion is one of my favorite katas, so bear with me here.

  10. Join, last move, is it fast or slow?

  11. I do my last move slowly at the start—bringing the right hand over the left and expelling all the air in my lungs, taking a breath, and then performing the last strike as fast as I can.

  12. So similar to op. I only seen the slow last strike before this.

  13. Now they'll make it so that Ultra Beasts spawn from Ultrawormholes which are like raids but can spawn anywhere instead of at gyms and you can't invite remote players.

  14. Will remote players be only those that buy a remote raid pass now?

  15. Max walking distance per day for candy is 40km.

  16. The people active on this sub is a small percent of the overall player base.

  17. Pokegenie for T5's and Megas. [email protected] was a struggle, basically couldn't host those through PG since I play alone and they went way too lenient on the requirements to queue. I'll also use it for T1's and T3's if the queue is super long just to be nice.

  18. What will happen in T6 when we have to buy remote raid passes?

  19. It's a season bonus, which will end in about a week. Similar to the +1 candy +1xl for trading last season, everyone wanted it to stay, but it's gone.

  20. The Knight Bus had so much potential. I really liked HPWU but they just wouldn't listen to suggestions of how to improve gameplay and make it fun. They pulled the plug on it about a year before it was officially closed. I noticed that very very simple and easy to implement QoL suggestions were utterly ignored, as well as bugs. When I saw this was a pattern, it was like, "Oh, they're going to shut down this game. The powers that be won't even pay for tiny things to be done."

  21. I stopped a few months before they officially announced sever shutdown. The adventure sync issue was the tipping point.

  22. I've never heard those odds. there are some times where a lucky is almost guaranteed to happen, but with pokemon caught more recently the odds are much much lower.

  23. "Pseudo-legendary" isn't a hard classification defined by TPC. It is generally accepted to include dragonite, tyranitar, salamence, metagross, garchomp, hydreigon, goodra, kommo-o, and dragapult. Google it and you will see this is a pretty wide consensus on that population.

  24. Why isn't this a hard classification?

  25. In not sufficiently well-versed in poke-lore. I didn't know if that was something pushed as an official pokemon thing or if it was fan-derived criteria.

  26. At some point in the main games, you spent so much time powering up your starter, but it is not good enough to help you win the second half of the game. In come the 600 club/pseudo legendaries. These mons that require only a little nudge to get more powerful.

  27. Do you know the history of this copypasta? How did it morph from this into the template we are looking at?


  29. I figure a Community Day Classic will be held on Sunday this month

  30. Once a quarter...probably July if the trends hold.

  31. The reason America doesn't have free healthcare.

  32. Yes it’s legit. The Pokémon we get from raids are level 20.

  33. Weather boosted makes it 25.

  34. Yeah but that wasn’t the question that was asked.

  35. Just in case op gets a level 25 in the future?

  36. This is a scary reality My first one ended in divorce so that means my next one will end in death?

  37. 50-50 either death or divorce again.

  38. Stock up on incense. A lot of the rare and wanted pokémon are exclusive to spawning via incense

  39. Also, wear an hat and have some sunscreen (for the northern hemisphere at least), as GoFest takes place in summer.

  40. They moved it to spring so it doesn't get as hot .

  41. That’s the thing, he’s flourished as a 3rd option Harrison Barnes plus. Minnesota wanted Tracy mcgrady

  42. Didn't Minnesota have a team of like 4-5 top picks?

  43. Tony Brothers caressing draymond’s hand as he stares into his eyes to check for foreign substances sounds fun

  44. Football depends on the game. Hot games home team wears white for competitive advantage

  45. Which team has the tampon red home uni?

  46. Open 30 gifts a day and spin stops.

  47. 2 a day was a season perk, it will be gone in a week much like the +1 candy and +1 xl per trade last season.

  48. I had to consciously bring myself back. It was out of the blue. Wasn’t a hard push but he put his hands on me and slowly pushed me forward.

  49. I would have slowly fell on the floor.

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