1. If you don't already have an SRR, then you will have to sacrifice one of your existing ones (assuming you stacked last quest on page 1 last rotation)

  2. But once you sacrifice it, you can't stack anymore since it will be on step 4 of 5?

  3. If (this rotation) you started with a page 1 research

  4. Tell me if this works or makes sense. I do not progress past page 1 of this rocket event. Next rocket event, I work on both at the same time and get 2 SRR. I use one to close out both research. I have 1 spare SRR to grind decoys and still pick up the next rocket event's task?

  5. 100 max gifts you can get from spinning a day

  6. Brain fog. I work with this sharp lady that manages 20 people, and post covid, she would just phase out for a second and snap back, not even realizing she done it.

  7. If I drove an hour round trip, I better get my chocolate cream pie.

  8. One person's "germaphobe" is another person's "watched my friend die horribly of COVID, choking to death on peanut-butter lungs".

  9. That's a nice way that say it...early on, like in May or June 2020, I heard so many people say it's like breathing with glass in your lungs in my clinic wing.


  11. Coach k is 75, he doesn't look it.

  12. Plucky 100% success rate in the championship game upstart UConn lol

  13. So 4 for 4 in finals and 4-1 in final fours?

  14. Really does seem like the NHL is trying to force that matchup as a rivalry.

  15. Were they still mailing out dvds in 2006?

  16. Not everyone has streaming capable internet... even in the US.

  17. When they were doing dvds, my buddies in the mailroom would always pass the time by watching Netflix dvds that got delivered.

  18. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, usually found in malls

  19. Citadel has one with a giant bear that I walk by during my breaks.

  20. Go to work an hour forward, leave work an hour backward, sounds great

  21. Sounds like the 7 minute rounding loophole.

  22. What's weird is there used to be an entirely separate section of the store, with a separate entrance, selling beer wine and liquor.

  23. That's costs more to maintain.

  24. What is the attack boost for best friends when doing raids? If there are 3 best friends, how does it stack? Thank you.

  25. Gosh, Metagross is one of the hottest shines around! I will be gunning for Sierra like crazy! LoL

  26. Agree. 1999, 2004, 2009, 2023 have been the really great UConn teams. With the best being 2004 probably.

  27. 2004, the year we burned a couch in front of the business building and then went back and lit it again when the women's won.

  28. How about the 95(?) team with Ray Allen?

  29. Always surprised me that Eastern Connecticut down the street had so much more local stuff than Storrs.

  30. There are many theories saying that Shanks is related to a Celestial Dragons or that he is the son of Rock D. Xebec; that would line up very well with the over-arching theme of inherithed wills of One Piece (Luffy inherithed the will of Roger, Sabo the will of Dragon, Ace the will of Whitebeard, Teach the will of Xebec)

  31. But ace and whitebeard died, who has this will now?

  32. It was a $12 add on to last year's tour.

  33. Yup! Definitely works from a distance. I managed to find my 5 in about 3 days with obsessively checking each stops around me at work. Lucky that I work with at least 30ish stops I can see

  34. So when you found one, you took a break and went and get it?

  35. Yes, plus you may have counted wrong.


  37. Yep! Sorry, I’m from out of town. We were on Figueroa and Olympic, around 10:15pm. The explosions were so close, but to me sounded and looked like fireworks. There were colorful lights reflected on the buildings and the classic “whistle” sound. It was too loud to be gunshots, not loud enough to be a bomb for the kind of sound I heard.

  38. It's called the crypt now, not staples.

  39. Did you delete the original friend that sent you the gift from sun region?

  40. Seriously, they were one of the dominant forces for the first part of the century

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