1. The black butterflies. Very good French series with twists galore

  2. Restaurante Matiz is excellent. Price around 50 euros

  3. I thought there was no chance of busquets missing, guy has had a million high stake games. To choke it here come on man

  4. I don't think he has ever taken a penalty in his professional career

  5. Australia gifted the second goal and had a chance to score a second goal in the last second. Frankly, I don't see Argentina winning the WC.

  6. Opticas Roma. Good quality and service at reasonable prices.

  7. Read all you can. Read, read, read.

  8. Read all you can. Read, read, read.

  9. Bus No.27 will take you from Cibeles to the stadium in 15 minutes if you prefer not to walk. Nice ride along the Paseo de la Castellana.

  10. That is awesome! Your friend is incredibly talented

  11. Yes, he is. This was his birthday gift to me that I have treasured all these years

  12. Te echo mucho de menos en la Juve Alvarito :(

  13. That was great, but I think he also kicked the defender 's head


  15. Hay varias librerías de segunda mano en Madrid que te los compran. Se llaman Re-read.

  16. Is nobody going to mention the girl's failed attempts at opening the trunk to put in the suitcase?

  17. The prince and old lady shade - Peter Murphy

  18. I bought a numberless Hazard shirt a few hours before he was assigned number 7

  19. Mariano is such a big disappointment. He doesn't have any ambition to get minutes in another team and play some football. It's obvious he only cares about his ridiculously high wages. Shame on him

  20. AVE train is the best and fastest option. They go from/to Madrid Atocha to Barcelona Sants

  21. Swan Tiger? I never thought I would come across much a terrible spelling of Schweinsteiger. This belongs in

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