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  1. The woman has clearly forgotten her manners and she is supposed to be showing off the pedigree and dignity of the royal family by being in the position that she was in. This impoliteness is something that she should have known better than to do as she shouldn’t have been doing it for years at this point.

  2. I mean I can see how it could be construed as rude but unless you’re anglo-Saxon then you’re not English, regardless of what people say.

  3. If you’re born in England then you’re english. Non white people have been in England for generations

  4. I can see your point but the question was who fulfilled their duty the best. A trully noble Sovereign might still mourn in private but would be holding their head high in public and not neglect their God-given duty and privilege.

  5. She spent decades in mourning to the point where she neglected her royal duties. I understand the loss of Albert was hard for her but she shouldn’t have spent the rest of her life in mourning wearing black.

  6. I feel like in the context of her life it was very understandable.

  7. Very few monarchs were perfect. She did her duty for most of her life since a child. She did do more after his death, it just took some time.

  8. It was cringe and simply unrealistic. Really bad on writers part

  9. Why does he keep talking about her lol. He ruined her life, what else does he want

  10. For real…. A little part of me is sad tho, can’t help but miss frenemies..

  11. I get that and I used to miss frenemies but the way Ethan has treated her… just leaves a sour taste

  12. World economic forum, they control a lot of politicians and corporations and want to create a global communist state. They want us to own nothing and rent everything from them & eat insects instead of meat.

  13. I never said she didn’t have a fright to respond but she made herself look bad. She should have better PR. Saying “others work with abusers so why y’all only attacking me” makes yourself a target. Like let’s just be real.

  14. It’s about career ruining decisions, in his case due to negative PR. I don’t know if his career is even ruined, most people are already over that scandal. It’s such an insignificant thing to club with everything else on the list

  15. Tbh I didn’t even care about the scandal. I’m suppose to be surprised a white male pop singer is an asshole? Like okay, ppl are dying.

  16. Just a general comment, but I don’t understand why women in their late 20s/early 30s are expected to adhere to some kind of musical maturity standard. If a 30 year old wants to be weird and colorful…let them be? Women can still have fun as they get older, and 30s aren’t even old lbr. Also, Yeri is only 23 lol.

  17. Confessions was the album that brought a lot of white boys I knew to R&B, who mainly listened to rock otherwise. It was great

  18. You are seriously complaining about limitations of an 8 year old tablet? You are nearly on the latest OS, having received updates from 8.x to 15.7.1. Look where the best 2014 androids would have left you. Samsung tablets released with Android 5.x and stopped with 6.x.

  19. TLDR: chuu has been dealing with mistreatment by her company for years with claims that they haven’t paid her and did not provide her necessary accommodations for her schedules. She filed a lawsuit against her company a while back and won a partial victory. Which caused her company to have very erratic behavior, the major one being excluding chuu from her own world tour. Since then, reports have been made that chuu started her own company with chuu as the ceo to help protect her own interests. And now, literally like a month after she did that, bbc removed her from the group bc of a staff members claim that chuu was violent and abused her power. The company did not provide any evidence to the allegations and chuu herself now denies doing anything that would cause fans to be disappointed in her. Reports are now out that several loona members, in response to this incident, have filed injunctions to end their exclusive contracts with bbc.

  20. That’s why each point comes with a short summary.

  21. Not his fault, an argument could be made that he should have done more to prevent them, but to attribute blame to him for it occurring is disingenuous. Antisemitism was already strong in Russia long before he came to the throne.

  22. My father used to say that Jimmy Carter was too nice. That’s why he lost to Reagan. As a kid I didn’t understand what he meant. What’s wrong with being nice?

  23. Yeah and I can’t believe it’s not coming to my head rn cause I love it! Edit: it’s West coast!

  24. I just bought the iPad Air 4th Generation instead of the new 5th one. Will I regret this?

  25. The bitch cheated on Mike with a freaking banker man. // Jk but in all seriousness she’s lame

  26. So that quote is a bit out of context. She said that her and Harry felt energized by the outpouring of support they received following the Queen's death. This is not as implied that she was excited by Queen's death.

  27. Who even is Umbridge? I’m so happy I don’t know these previous characters that the actors have played lol

  28. Every time i hear a pop music lover complain about Marvel, i have to laugh.

  29. Bro why u get downvoted. I’m only watching it cause I liked season 1-3.

  30. I think we should appreciate how far we’ve come as a country. Seeing this is cool to me!

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